Pappelbon family room

Case Study: A Clutch Performance – Part One

news - February 2020

Case Study: A Clutch Peformance - Part 1

Vantage’s EasyTouch II Keypads maintain clean aesthetics while delivering one-touch simplicity in a former big-league star's Mississippi home.

Pappelbon family room

description of project

If baseball is a game of numbers, then perhaps it’s fitting that the new Hattiesburg, Mississippi residence of former MLBer Jonathan Papelbon has some impressive stats. Standing in at 25,000 square feet, the home’s highlight reel includes a 5,000 square foot cabana with an indoor lap pool; a dedicated casino game room with a private elevator and full bar; a 41-zone whole-house audio system; and 29 Sony OLED and Sunbrite outdoor TVs located throughout. Of course, a house is more than its numbers — it’s the intangibles that make it a home. For this family home, these include aesthetics and simplicity, especially when it comes to lighting.


It takes a tremendous number of lights to illuminate a home of this size. Unfortunately, that can translate into walls cluttered with unsightly traditional light switches to control them. For a family with kids, it can also mean running around the massive house looking for lights left on in different areas. To avoid both pitfalls, the family needed a sophisticated but easy-to-use lighting system that offered slick, elegant keypad controls and the ability to turn off any number of lights throughout the home with a single button press. To further simplify life at home, seamless integration with other home systems was required to enable one-touch, scenic presets incorporating lighting, climate, AV, and more. To meet all of these needs, Dynamic Audio Video, LLC relied on solutions from Vantage Controls.

“Whether it’s for aesthetics or to simplify their lives, we’re seeing lighting control transition from an afterthought to a high priority for many homeowners. That was certainly the case here, and our familiarity with lighting technology went a long way in helping us win this job,” said Jamie Gannon, owner of Dynamic Audio Video. “Vantage Controls is our solution of choice to meet this increasing demand and address the unique challenges of large upscale homes. The company’s products provide the high reliability homeowners expect and are unrivaled in their style and functionality.”






Precise control over the home’s lighting is provided by two Vantage Controls’ InFusion™ Controller IIs, in combination with 18 standard InFusion Dimming Modules. The family interacts with their lighting system via 81 EasyTouch II backlit modular keypads. Offering a sleek design and available with up to five programmable buttons for different scenes, the keypads not only allow users to set the lighting in a space with one touch, but can also incorporate control over shades, AV, and more. They automatically adjust backlighting based on the time of day and allow the family to see which scenes are active based on a customizable LED status color change.


“With the sheer size of the home and the number of lighting loads involved, this project has been a great opportunity to really put Vantage to the test — it’s passing with flying colors,” said Gannon. “Phase one of the project — the main home — is complete. Phase two will be the cabana, and soon we will integrate lighting with the home’s AV systems, security gates, and more to create pre-set scenes. Jonathan and his family are already wowed by their Vantage system; we can’t wait to show them what it’s truly capable of.”

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