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news - January 2021

Consumer Electronics Show 2021

We’re tracking some of the trends and innovations that pertain to the design-build community.

By Douglas Weinstein

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THE BIGGEST ANNUAL TECHNOLOGY CONVENTION – the Consumer Electronics Show – kicked off this week and due to the pandemic, for the first time, CES® 2021 will be an "all-digital" event and viewers will be able to watch the livestream online. The event is being virtually held from January 11 to 14.

For anyone who has ever attended CES, you know how overwhelming the experience can be. In early January each year, CES takes over Las Vegas. And not just the Convention Center. And not just the Venetian and Sands Pavilion. But Aria in City Center and countless other venues across the city. It’s huge.

I’m sure anyone interested in technology and the latest gadgets, TVs, smart devices and apps will tune into the news on-line or register for the show to get your yearly fix of what’s about to (fingers crossed!) hit the market.

For this month’s newsletter, I gave our writers carte blanche to report on anything they wanted if something at the show caught their eye. Together, we’ve pulled together just a few compelling items that we have been following at CES over the past few years, with short articles and these updates:

Smart Cities | Shanghai is named Smart City of the Year for 2020.

AerNos™ | Nanotechnology enhanced multi-gas sensor modules that measure how clean your air is!

Samsung | Get ready for the next evolution in big screen TVs.

Kitchen and Bath | What's new from Kohler.

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