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Digital Habitats and Legrand | AV blend modern technology into classic design.
CoeLux lets you experience the sky even in an indoor space with no windows

AI SpaceFactory wins a NASA contest with cutting-edge sustainable technologies.

Hunter Douglas has transformed the industry with unique window treatments that make fashion easy to use

Cooking with superheated steam is all the rage, and Sharp sells more superheated steam ovens than anyone

Salamander stylishly integrates modern lifestyles with the latest technology
This new-build residence incorporates the latest control and LED lighting technologies

French manufacturer Focal is internationally known for the performance and style of their speakers
Control4 acts as liaison between the design-build community and smart-home technology designers

An audio industry veteran walks us through a dinner party whose pièce de résistance is the spectacular sound

Greatness doesn't happen randomly — it comes from years of hard work and unquenchable passion

The Leon Speakers founder dispels some myths about what it means to be an audiophile.

Sonus faber brings an inimitable Italian style to the art of speaker design

Tips on implementing lighting controls for the home, including dimming and other functions
Lightning-fast wi-fi designed to provide seamless coverage regardless of the residence’s space

Sony X950G 4K TV

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