Thermador’s New Induction Cooktop

The Pro Harmony® Liberty® Induction Range is the brand’s most intuitive cooking range to date, and combines induction features exclusive to Thermador with the power and performance of a convection oven.

Thermador, the iconic American luxury home appliance brand, is taking  induction cooking to the next level with the launch of the Pro Harmony® Liberty® Induction Range – combining new Thermador-exclusive induction features with the power and performance of a  convection oven. As the latest addition to the Thermador Induction Innovation Collection, the new range puts induction in motion with features such as MoveMode® and HeatShift® for a more dynamic and intuitive cooking experience.  

Building on its brand legacy in the kitchen, the Pro Harmony® Liberty® Induction Range from Thermador features patented, state-of-the-art induction technology which brings mobility to the cooking process, provides flexible cooking and superior performance, along with a fully connected experience with Home  Connect®. Induction cooking offers precise temperature control, more power and time-saving benefits  for busy households.

Available in 30-inch and 36-inch models, the new Induction Range – equipped with large flexible cooking  zones – offers complete control over every culinary endeavor, with key features including: 

Top: Liberty® Induction Cooktop  

  • Flexible Cooking Zones for flexibility in motion. 

o Extra-large cooking zones offer versatility and accommodate multiple pots and pans, as  well as teppanyaki grills up to 16” long.  

  • HeatShift® for power control on the move. 

o A feature that divides the cooktop into three preset heat zones, allowing users to change  power levels by simply moving cookware without having to adjust the controls. It is  perfect for going from sauté to simmer. 

  • MoveMode® for effortless transfer setting. 

o Transfer cooking settings from one zone to another by simply moving the pot or pan  across the cooktop. This setting is great for cooking multiple dishes at the same time. PowerBoost® for a quicker heat time. 

o Save time heating up pots and boil water quicker with this feature that increases  element power by up to 50 percent. 

  • CookSmart® for fast and accurate heating. 

o Heat cookware to one of five presets and automatically maintain the selected  temperature to achieve consistent results for even the most complex recipes.  

  • Full Access® Telescopic Racks for easy grip and access. 

o Support heavy dishes inside the range with up to three racks that expand completely for  easier access. 

Bottom: Pro Harmony® Oven 

  • Large Oven Capacity to accommodate large meals effortlessly. 

o The oven is equipped with up to 4.9 cubic feet capacity on the 36-inch model and 4.4  cubic feet capacity on the 30-inch model. 

  • Full Access® Telescopic Racks to support heavy dishes with up to three telescopic racks that  expand completely for easier access.  

o The 30-inch model includes one telescopic rack (in addition to two standard racks), and  the 36-inch model includes three telescopic racks.  

  • Third Element Convection for precise airflow. 

o The convection technology allows for cooking on multiple levels.