A New Way of Listening

Noveto unveils Immersive Private Sound Bubbles Soundbars at CES 2024.

At CES 2024, Noveto will demonstrate its ultrasonic audio technology integrated within a 3rd party soundbar. Noveto has partnered with BeStar and SEI to build this revolutionary new generation of soundbar and will showcase the demonstrator at the IAI Smart Inc booth at CES. Noveto will also unveil its new licensing business approach for the first time at the show.  

Noveto has previously demonstrated its first generation of audio driver (the “N1”) winner of best of show awards during CES 2022. At this upcoming CES, the 2nd generation of Noveto audio driver was designed with extended frequency range and more privacy at longer distance, and better audio quality.

The soundbars integrating the Noveto audio driver technology have a standout feature: they can create a personalized sound bubble around each person, delivering an incredible immersive, personal and 3D binaural audio experience without disturbing people in the vicinity of the listener while at the same time allowing audio transparency – meaning that the listener is not isolated from his/her environment and can naturally communicate with people around.

One of the key advantages of the Noveto soundbar is its compatibility with regular Atmos soundbars, offering users a wide range of new and exciting combined audio experiences.

Typically, binaural sounds are exclusive to headphones, which provide separate audio channels for each ear. Traditional speakers struggle to replicate this effect, as they emit sound in all directions. However, the Noveto soundbar overcomes this limitation by delivering each audio channel directly to the corresponding ear, resulting in a binaural-like experience without headphones. Additionally, the Noveto soundbar ensures that the produced sounds are directed towards each of the listener’s ears and maintains the sounds just there by continuously tracking the movement of the listener, reducing noise pollution for those nearby.