Omnirax and Primeview Unveil Next Gen Meeting Tables at InfoComm 2023

New furniture geometry addresses an evolution in the way corporations hold meetings, seamlessly integrating onsite and remote participants.

Omnirax LLC, a leading manufacturer of premium ergonomic desks and workstations for broad range of commercial applications, will introduce their Hybrid Conference Table solutions at the InfoComm tradeshow on June 14-16 in Orlando, FL.  

Initially commissioned in partnership with Primeview USA, a trailblazer in advanced video wall display and content creation solutions, for their Experience Center in Hollywood, FL., Hybrid Conference Tables from Omnirax have been carefully designed to achieve meeting equity for all participants, both onsite and remote, by creating a synergy between four key components: Microsoft Front Row meeting software, large format LED displays or monitor walls, AI-driven camera technology, and the conference table. Omnirax Hybrid Conference Tables integrate these technologies utilizing an aesthetic that is both modern and functional, while creating a seating ergonomic suited to the purpose and to the space. 

“At its core, our Hybrid Conference Table is based upon an intuitive design premise; create a table based on an engineered curvature, enabling participants to comfortably face the monitor wall,” explained David Holland, Chief Design Officer at Omnirax. “In practice, there are numerous things to consider when executing a hybrid desk, such as sight and sound lines both within the room and with remote participants appearing on the monitor wall, plus proper integration of the technology within the conference table. Then we must present the entire solution featuring an aesthetic that is both modern and ergonomic, within an adaptable form factor that will fit both new and existing spaces. The Omnirax Hybrid Conference Table creates the ultimate environment for all participants.”  

Bringing Technology to the Conference Table

The Hybrid Conference Table lineup includes a desk engineered to pair with a 105-inch monitor from Primeview as well as larger video walls, addressing a broad range of potential applications.  Each table features three primary components: the countertops (made from high-pressure laminate or Corian), the “Technology Cylinder,” and the structural metalwork. Regardless of size or configuration, each Hybrid Conference Table has been engineered to create enhanced sight and sound lines for both onsite and remote participants. Customized versions of the table designs, including such options as laser-cut or silk-screened logos, are available at extra cost.

“Our two-year collaboration with Omnirax has yielded this second-generation design, allowing Primeview clients with Microsoft TeamsRooms applications to marry purpose-built furniture with a 21:9 solution from a company that has a proven track record in the display market,” said Chanan Averbuch, EVP at Primeview. “As a manufacturer, we never want to pigeon-hole our clients on a specific digital media switcher, camera, or transmission solutions.  We are proud to say we are agnostic on the peripherals and work with the best of the AV industry.  The new Omnirax Adjustable Hybrid Conference table is flexible enough to fit most new or existing spaces and will seamlessly integrate with equipment of all kinds from the manufacturer of your choice.”