Sound Without Speakers™

The patented technology at the heart of SolidDrive ® transforms any solid surface (such as drywall, glass, wood or fiberglass) into a sound source. 

The powerful SolidDrive directly transfers acoustic energy to the surface it’s mounted to, creating a large and dynamic sound field. With no visible wires or grilles, SolidDrive gives you the freedom to have Sound without Speakers. Since SolidDrive resonates over a large surface area, the sound it produces travels further. In fact, loss of volume over distance is roughly 35% less than with conventional speakers. This low distance factor, combined with SolidDrive’s 120˚ ultrawide coverage angle, means you’ll experience remarkably even sound coverage throughout the entire room.

SolidDrive requires no special equipment to function – It connects to any conventional amplifier or receiver using standard speaker wire. This means that not only can SolidDrive use pre-existing wiring, but it can be powered and equalized using the equipment you already own.

SolidDrive Rear-Install Drywall Bracket Now Available

SolidDrive®  invisible sound solutions has released a 16” on-center drywall bracket assembly to simplify rear-side installations with drywall. The new bracket is now available to customers worldwide.

Crafted specifically for situations where access to the front side of the wall is limited, the SD1-BR16-R drywall bracket offers a solution for installing SolidDrive products via a rear-side access wall. Our patented balanced cantilever spring brackets are essential for seamless SolidDrive SD-1 installations behind drywall, ensuring that the mounting bracket eliminates stress on the glue bond by perfectly balancing the SD-1, thereby eliminating torque, and applying just the right amount of pressure against the drywall.

“The new bracket not only makes installation a breeze, but it also optimizes the SD1 placement and thus stabilizes audio quality,” said Ken Hecht, vice president of SoundTube and MSE Audio. “The high-performance sound fills the space and appears to come from everywhere.”

SolidDrive offers models that are optimized for glass or wood in addition to drywall.