Embracing A/V Over IP

A/V over IP (Internet Protocol) represents change for technology integrators, who have to gear up to accommodate something new and different.


IT IS HUMAN NATURE TO FEAR CHANGE — yet in the technology sector where innovators rise to the top, change is the lifeblood of what we do, how we differentiate our brands, and how we bring value to our customers. Transporting audio and video content throughout a home on the network, often referred to as A/V over IP (Internet Protocol), represents change and often some level of intimidation for technology integrators, who have to gear up to accommodate something new and different.

The good news is that architects and designers, who always want more performance from the least possible hardware footprint, are going to love A/V over IP! Networked audio and video serves to de-centralize A/V hardware and reduce dependency on conventional speaker and audio signal wire, making it easier for integrators to deliver better resolution and more features while reducing the space required for equipment racks throughout the home. Technologies such as Dante and AVB have proven effective and reliable in very demanding applications ranging from large commercial installations to automotive environments, where engineers often use digital signal processing (DSP) to tailor the sound, accommodating the acoustics of the space for best performanc

A/V over IP will enable integrators to deliver the finest possible solutions for whole-house systems, landscape (outdoor) entertainment and home theater. Typically, networked systems can share sources and features across all zones, making it easier to deliver the performance and functionality the customer wants in every room without suffering the signal degradation over long speaker wire or analog audio runs back to a centralized rack. A/V over IP increases the performance and reliability of the project while enabling integrators to deliver outstanding entertainment throughout the home with ease. A networked entertainment platform also accommodates efficient service and system upgrades, creating recurring opportunity for integrators within each project.

Technology integrators are purveyors of innovation—they devise the most clever, thoughtful ways of bringing the latest and greatest inventions from the engineering lab to practical application within their clients’ homes. A/V over IP is a solution whose time has come for the residential market. It will help merge the vision of architects and designers to create beautiful spaces with the homeowner’s unquenchable appetite for high-resolution entertainment in every indoor and outdoor zone.

Dante technology is available on fine products such as the new CM Series amplifiers from AudioControl.

The outstanding Smart Audio lineup from Savant utilizes AVB technology.

Micah Sheveloff
Micah Sheveloff is the President of WIRC Media Tactics, specializing in business-to-business global media and communications services supporting leading smart home and audio/video manufacturers.

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