Panasonic Cosmos Healthy Home Solutions

Panasonic Cosmos Healthy Home Solutions


Panasonic Cosmos Healthy Home Solutions

This system monitors four of the most harmful sources of indoor air contamination.

By Steve Panosian

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INDOOR AIR QUALITY IS ESSENTIAL for both general healthiness and safeguarding households from airborne viruses, molds, bacteria and eliminating odors. TD Magazine has published several articles on the importance of planning the installation of customized air and water purification systems especially in newly designed passive homes and those looking to renovate a home. However, what do you do for existing homes, and what do you do for homes that cannot be retrofitted with a whole-home air purification solution?

In this newsletter, TD Magazine shares alternative options offered by Panasonic USA to solve room air quality and something new, the ability to monitor and provide notifications on air quality status. Panasonic points out that a home is designed with a heating and cooling system for comfort. Yet it does not have a healthy air system to ensure you breathe clean air. Since health and building science experts have proven that poor indoor air quality leads to respiratory conditions and many other illnesses, Panasonic created a solution for healthier indoor environments. Introducing Cosmos™, the first healthy home system.

Today’s home environment is more important than ever, and the Cosmos system monitors four of the most harmful sources of indoor air contamination: volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fine particulate matter, carbon dioxide and humidity.


A healthy home system is a necessity
• Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the #1 concern in healthy home building.
• Today’s tightly built homes trap all sorts of toxins inside, creating an urgent need for better ventilation.
• Poor indoor air quality is ranked as the 4th biggest environmental threat in the U.S.
• People spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, where harmful pollutants can be two-to-five-times higher, according to the EPA.
• Health experts estimate that 35 million Americans suffer from upper respiratory tract symptoms that are allergic reactions to airborne allergens according to Allergy Watch.
• Women who work at home have a 54 percent higher death rate from cancer than women who work outside the home according to Toronto Indoor Air Conference.
• Long term effects from repeated exposure to bad indoor air quality include respiratory problems, heart disease and even cancer according to U.S. EPA.


The Cosmos Healthy Home Advantage
Cosmos works automatically in the background by sensing air quality and activating the system to remove contaminated air from your home and bring in fresh, filtered air from outside. It is the first connected healthy home system that helps you address the biggest concern when it comes to family health. The system intelligently monitors indoor air quality 24x7 and manages the most harmful indoor toxins: volatile organic compounds, fine particulate matter, carbon dioxide and humidity. The indoor air quality monitor continuously runs in the background and when its sensors activate the system, it runs return air to healthy levels. Cosmos is the only professionally installed fresh-air system that helps maintain a healthy indoor environment and well-conditioned air quality. With customizable presets it lets you create personalized settings based on events, such as additional fresh air and increased ventilation for your dinner party next weekend.

The Cosmos Components
Command Center is the local system hub that monitors system operations in real-time; it receives alerts and recommendations and automates processes efficiently.

IAQ Sensors constantly monitors indoor air quality levels to determine when they are outside the normal range. Color coded LED lights provide instant air quality reading. The sensors also feature a color indicator that changes from blue to orange when the air quality is measurably poor and subsequently the system will turn on and run until the measures come back to normal.

Component Control Modules provide communication for better signal reliability among Cosmos components.

Mobile App provides data on your home’s indoor air quality in an easy-to-read dashboard; you will know when something is wrong right away.


The Cosmos Product Line
WhisperGreen Select is an all-in-one whole house ventilation solution that uses their SmartFlow™ technology combined with Pick-A-Flow™ selector that delivers precision ventilation to any room in the home.

WhisperFresh Select is a filtered fresh air solution for today’s tightly built, energy-efficient homes. Fresh filtered supply air is delivered from outdoors and helps create balanced ventilation.

WhisperHood IAQ
is a uniquely designed rangehood ventilation solution that assures healthy indoor air quality in the busiest room of your home. Its high-velocity capture efficiency combined with ultra-quiet HushFlow™ technology eliminates contaminated air, smoke, and moisture from the source without disturbing your dinner conversation.

The custom installation of the CosmosTM System is required by a trained professional. Typical installations require settings for any room that is outfitted with the sensors and fan systems. Example measures would be for CO2 and VOCs that can be set to automatically turn on the master bathroom exhaust fan during the middle of the night while you are sleeping. The system is programmed to simply activate the closest air system whether it is the rangehood in the kitchen, the bathroom’s exhaust fan, or the placement of an exhaust fan in a hallway or basement. To maintain air pressure balance inside tightly constructed homes, the system also controls fresh outdoor air back into the home.


Cosmos Mobile App
The Cosmos system can be networked via its App for manually turning on things like the rangehood ahead of cooking. But what is most important and differentiating about this system is following Panasonic’s recommendation for letting the system run automatically. You could call it the worry-free mode.

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