Kaleidescape, Sony and Stewart Filmscreen

Kaleidescape, Sony and Stewart Filmscreen

NEWS - JULY 2022

Kaleidescape, Sony and Stewart Filmscreen:
Delivering Display Design Excellence

These three home entertainment heavyweights are currently offering compelling cross-promotions.

Kaleidescape and Sony

KALEIDESCAPE, MAKER OF THE ULTIMATE MOVIE PLAYER, has partnered with both Sony and Stewart Filmscreen to provide the ultimate in 4K HDR home cinema performance.

Earlier this year, Kaleidescape announced a joint partnership with Sony, offering a promotion related to their latest projector line, which has now extended into a larger promotion around its television displays. Separately, Kaleidescape and Stewart also brought a compelling promotional offer to customers looking to invest in Stewart Filmscreen masking systems. More details on these promotions are outlined below.

The combination of Sony – renowned for bringing amazing video to life – and Stewart Filmscreen – the benchmark for over 70 years in the projection screen industry – continues to set the gold standard when it comes to private residential cinema. Recent changes in lifestyles and the dynamics of both dedicated theaters and great room entertainment, as well as new technologies continues to impact both company’s evolution as they push the frontiers of the possible.

“This joint promotion with Kaleidescape underscores our unwavering commitment to provide the finest in 4K HDR entertainment,” said Jeff Goldstein, head of custom integrator channel sales at Sony Electronics. “Besides being an incredible deal, this incentive ensures that our customers will get the very best from their premium Sony projector.”

Together, Kaleidescape and Sony highlight the benefits of a premium projector paired with the best-in-class movie playback source. A streaming device cannot maximize a high-end projector’s innovative capabilities and stops short of delivering the best possible viewing experience. In contrast, a Kaleidescape system is designed to play 4K HDR movies with a video bitrate eight times higher while reproducing lossless audio at up to ten times higher than any streaming device. Visually, this results in a profound difference in clarity and detail when displayed on a Sony projector.


Rounding out the ultimate in residential cinema performance, and preferred by the best-known filmmakers, Stewart Filmscreen’s handcrafted screens are designed with integrity and built to last, delivering a next-level viewing experience. Stewart’s masking systems store multiple screen aspect ratios and are designed to work flawlessly with all room automation systems. With controls for adjustable shades and lighting themes, Kaleidescape automatically activates the Stewart Filmscreen masking system to display every movie in its native aspect ratio, to deliver a purely cinematic experience at an unprecedented level of convenience and quality.

“For 75 years, Stewart Filmscreen has been the industry’s choice for reference screens with sleek form factor designs, precise screen masking capabilities and expertise in offering the perfect screen for any private cinema environment,” says Norma Garcia-Muro, Vice President of Marketing, Kaleidescape. “With Kaleidescape’s unparalleled, reference-quality movie ecosystem, the combination of Kaleidescape’s Terra + Strato C systems and Stewart’s best-in-class screens, with directly integrated masking automation, will take any private cinema to the next level of luxury.”

“The partnership between Kaleidescape and Stewart Filmscreen aligns perfectly with the standard of reference quality imaging capabilities our customers have come to expect when installing a Stewart screen,” said Adrian Silva, Vice President of Sales, Stewart Filmscreen. “We are extremely impressed with Kaleidescape’s unrivaled playback quality, especially when it comes to 4K UHD with HDR content, that delivers an image so pristine you can’t take your eyes off the screen.”

“Sony is synonymous with 4K innovation and shares Kaleidescape’s vision for delivering the finest picture quality,” said Tayloe Stansbury, Kaleidescape’s Chief Executive Officer. “When you combine Sony’s finest projectors with Stewart’s masking screens and Kaleidescape’s exceptional products, the result is a 4K HDR image like you have never experienced before.”

Delivering reference-quality movies at the source, Kaleidescape optimizes for the highest resolution, dynamic range, and contrast capabilities of Sony’s high-end projectors and TVs. For a limited time, when a customer purchases any Sony projector or TV priced over $4,995 they receive $1,000 off MSRP on any qualifying Kaleidescape system.

In addition, for a limited time, when customers purchase a Stewart Filmscreen Director’s Choice, VistaScope, or WallMask screen masking system, you will receive $1,000 off MSRP on any qualifying Kaleidescape system. These two promotions can also be combined, making for the ultimate offer in private cinema playback presentation quality.

Visit the Kaleidescape partner page for more details and be sure to check out this exclusive interview with Adrian Silva, Vice President of Sales, Stewart Filmscreen, to learn more.