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Technology Designer Magazine and explore the world where technology meets design. And, where technology impacts design. Our focus is on design-build teams and how they work together to fulfill client expectations.

AerNos multi-gas sensor modules

AerNos Multi-Gas Sensor Modules

With advances in nanotechnology, these tiny sensors can detect multiple gases simultaneously, with sensitivity to parts per billion.

Think Sustainability

Think Sustainability

This year we will shine a light on sustainability to see what it means for the design-build community.

Building Biology Institute

Building Biology Institute

This organization provides seminars, courses, certification programs, factsheets and videos all about the science of healthy buildings.

Paint that purifies graphic

Paint That Purifies

A new generation of interior paints features air purification properties without adding to the electric bill.

The Art of Niksen

The Niksen Room

Niksen is a Dutch word which translates as “doing nothing,” an often overlooked concept in our wellness repertoire.

Dvine Smart Homes Sydney Beach House

Surf’s Up!

Dvine Smart Homes turns to RTI to deliver an intuitive control experience for a high-end beach home in New South Wales.

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