New Lighting Products from WAC Lighting

For nearly 40 years WAC Lighting has operated at the forefront of the lighting industry and prides itself on operating responsibly and building sustainable products that are progressive in both design and technology. Groundbreaking innovations in LEDs, materials engineering and creative optical design are paving the way for endless possibilities. With over 100 engineers and designers on staff and over 1.5 million square feet of fabrication and manufacturing capabilities across six factories globally, WAC is a world-class operation whose products are all thoroughly tested in its proprietary, internationally recognized NVLAP, UL and ETL certified testing laboratory.  

AiSPIRE recently debuted The Four Experiences of Light—ALPINE, ASTRO, ATMOSPHERE, and AURORA, as well as the RPS Low Voltage Remote Power Supply that easily plugs into a wall receptacle to provide Class 2 power for a system, and STRUT, a leading lighting, control and power system with smart elements for discriminating performance. New products include the ALPINE MICRO recessed luminaire with a ½-inch and 1-inch apertures and new luminaires for the award-winning system– STRUT by WAC. 

Entry-level ALPINE luminaires use Static White light in color constant LED luminaires of either 2700K or 3000K temperatures and are available with both low and line voltage wiring. 

ASTRO Dim-to-Warm lighting recreates the incandescent dimming curve with no required programming. Dim-To-Warm luminaires are intuitive and feature bright, white light at 3000K which is similar to halogen task lighting or transition to dim warming light of 1800K candlelight ambience.   

ATMOSPHERE is a sophisticated line of Natural Tunable White Fixtures for the discerning client mimics the natural light of the Sun and offers Two CCT ranges of 2700K to 6500 and 1800-4000K. Program ATMOSPHERE luminaires to change throughout the day to coordinate with natural light or statically programmed to enhance the interior finishes. ATMOSPHERE brings the dynamic power of natural light indoors, allowing the custom integrator to select and program the color temperature that best enhances the client’s lifestyle. 

Top-of-the-line AURORA introduces an unprecedented upscale offering of luminaires designed for connected living.  Full Visible Spectrum color tuning LEDs with color correcting optical technology offers human centric recessed downlighting catering to the needs of the modern technologist and integrator. Choose any color you can imagine, including the crispest white light or the softest pastels with the ability to control saturation and hue for full color gamut control with gradients of saturated colors from 1-100% and a Tunable White CCT range from 1650-8000K. More is available with HCL programming. 

AiSPIRE Connected Lighting products are developed to integrate with leading control platforms such as Control4, Legrand, Vantage, Lutron and Crestron. In-house teams, as well as third-party software developers, enable customized program and hardware development to stretch the limits of how luminaires can serve the client better within each control company ecosystem.  Visit

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