Capstone Connected

Bridging the gap between everyday life and modern technology with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled Smart Mirrors.

THE CAPSTONE CONNECTED Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled Thin Cast™ Smart Mirror delivers the ultimate digital experience to the walls of your home. There are two unique levels of experience, Smart 1 and Smart 2. These smart mirrors allow you to access all of your favorite applications.

Smart 1
This smart mirror features Thin Touch™, with full touchscreen support. Check the time, weather, email and your preferred downloadable applications. Search from YouTube’s extensive video platform or browse channels ranging from beauty tutorials to fashion guides to exercise, cooking and health. Use your preferred browser (Chrome, Bing, Firefox, etc.) to search the web or download apps, or listen to music from your streaming service. You can pair your preferred Bluetooth devices like headphones or external speakers and even look up commute times to work or school.

Smart 2
You can toggle to Smart 2 and access mirroring to share your Android or iOS smart phone experience with your smart mirror. Now, all content available on your smart phone can appear on your smart mirror. And rest assured, no data from your phone is stored on your mirror, so privacy is not an issue.

Your phone even allows access to your voice assistant so you can check the weather, stream entertainment, listen to music, access social feeds and even make calls.



January 2022 News