Séura Introduces the Next Generation of Lighted Mirrors

New models have twice the brightness yet consume 40% less energy.

This month marks the launch of Séura’s brightest, slimmest, lightest and most energy-efficient lighted mirrors to date. In this newest wave of lighted mirrors, Séura brings a patent-pending, marine-grade mirror housing design that provides game changing functionality and aesthetic improvements.

Séura’s new housing safely positions the light source closer to the mirror etch, delivering up to twice the brightness and consuming 40% less energy than conventional lighted mirrors. These next generation lighted mirrors feature Radiant COB LED Technology™, the industry’s most advanced and energy-efficient LEDs. As a result, light emits more smoothly and evenly, eliminating hot spots and costly diffusers.

The new housing is incredibly slim, reducing the mirror’s distance to the wall to only 1.5 inches for a sleeker, more elegant design. Made with marine-grade material resistant to mold, rust, bacteria and corrosion, the new housing survives humid bathroom environments like no other. The housing is also 50% lighter in weight for easier handling and supports a two-phase installation (housing first, mirror last), so the mirror is hung as the finishing touch to any job site.

“Our goal with this innovation was to deliver exponential value to our customers in terms of functional performance, aesthetics, ease of installation, and sustainability,” said Rob Emberley, President of Séura. “This next generation of Séura Lighted Mirrors delivers an elevated user experience and integrates seamlessly into any design.”

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