NKBA Manhattan Chapter Network Presentation

Thursday, March 16th 2023 4:00-5:30 Council Meeting
5:30-8:00 Networking Presentation

Experience Unparalleled Innovation And Performance Across Cooling, Cooking, And Dish Care—Now Featuring Connected Kitchen Appliances Enabled With Home Connect®

Presenter: Patrick Palacio: Head of Digital Transition BSH

“The Heart of Everyone Home – What the Thermador Home Connected Kitchen Can Do For You.”

The future has arrived! Explore how your client will have access to create an array of personalized experiences in their kitchen and home. Discover the possibilities of intuitive, simplified app navigation that allows clients to do more than just remotely control their appliances.

Find out how Home Connected stands apart.

  • affords you peace of mind in your daily life
  • offers ease of lifestyle and personalized service 
  • is positioned in the high end luxury market
  • is the new Eco System between people, products and services
  • provides energy management and savings


Presented by: Patrick Palacio:

Head of Digital Transition BSH Patrick Palacio has held various positions within BSH in Europe and North America. He is currently the head of Digital Transition for the North America Region. Patrick drives multiple businesses, including connectivity-related digital services as well as the activities to develop new business opportunities