Established in 2016, this German company has in a short time become a
leading manufacturer of distinctive smart home products.


Moorgen is a world leader in manufacturing smart home systems, specializing in in-house development of bus control and cloud server technology and providing over 180 different types of smart home products with realization of local and remote visual control. Moorgen has over the years mastered over 160 IP patents with industrial advanced smart modules, gateways, and controllers and truly fulfilling the “smart & remote” control at the convenience of the end users.
Imbedded with German industrial design, Germany Moorgen’s products are known to be simple, easy and user friendly. The company focuses on innovation and consistently providing high quality technology, products and solutions to customers around the world. It also offers reliable and proactive customer support which ensures the leading position in the world IOT market.
Let us show you some of their products to illustrate how incredibly attractive they are. We are engaging the company to see when they will enter the U.S. market and will keep our audience advised. These are some of the most aesthetically pleasing user-interface devices we’ve ever seen.

Milan Intelligent Dimming Module

Intelligent Foundation Lamp

Supercar Series Smart Panel

Intelligent Foundation Lamp