An Enterprise-Class Router for Tech Forward Homes

A Red Dot 2023 design award recipient, the circular unit includes an internal power supply. Island is designed, assembled, and supported in the USA.

PerfTech, Inc., a creator of specialized networking products, announces ISLAND®, a router that brings enterprise-grade speed and features to tech-laden homes and small businesses. A wired router, Island works with existing Wi-Fi mesh systems placed in AP or bridge mode. Key to bridging the gap between enterprise complexity and consumer useability is the Island app, designed for simplicity.   

Why Island

“Connection demands on loaded home and SMB networks have exploded,” stated CEO Lewis Donzis. “They need not only speed, but oversight; customers want to know who or what is connected and how devices are behaving. Island solves those issues. It lets us enjoy our connected spaces to the maximum but minimize the effort managing them.”

What makes Island easy

  • Island automates many facilities for which other routers require configuration including a stateful firewall, interfaces and VLANs, device discovery, security filtering, and DoH.
  • Island streamlines setup for remote access, VPN, filtering, and scheduling.
  • Island’s device-centric architecture enables assigning names, icons and colors to devices, users, and groups, making everything else simple—forget IP addresses.
  • The app always presents the simplest, most logical view first from a bird’s-eye summary to online-only to historical views. The most active entities appear at the top of lists and graphs. Placing advanced settings under “Geek Mode” keeps day-to-day functions uncluttered.

Fast even when loaded

Using enterprise-grade processor and memory, Island clocks exceptional speed even while continuously filtering for security and supporting VPN sessions. Island’s proprietary routing software results in ultra-efficient packet handling at over 2M packets/second. Plus, Island supports up to 5,000 devices, ample for growth.

Off-the-cloud architecture for security, privacy

Everything Island does remains local, meaning no need to trust any outside entity, including PerfTech. Island neither transmits nor stores data in the cloud.  Even the bulk of the URL filtering database lives locally. Plus, Island’s remote access is entirely peer-to-peer and cloud-independent.


Island lists for $1299, is subscription-free, and sold through certified resellers. See “How to Buy” at

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