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Upping Our Game

Indoor and outdoor lighting opportunities are increasing at an exponential rate.

By Jennifer Kirkpatrick
National Sales Manager, American Lighting

SH Acoustics living room

THE LATEST ADVANCES IN LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY, as well as the art of lighting design itself, have taken center stage in the modern performance home. From architectural and artistic enhancements to wellness to safety and security, indoor and outdoor lighting opportunities are increasing at an exponential rate.

As one of many lighting manufacturers, I wanted to share not only my own vision of where we are headed near-term, but I’m confident that my colleagues will agree that every lighting vendor needs to up their game in order to support the designers and integrators in extracting the very best from today’s managed lighting systems.

It goes without saying that our primary efforts should continue to be the roll out of innovative products as we push the boundaries of technology and find new expression in ways to illuminate our lives. From modern designs to the use of sustainable materials to more economical fixtures, there are myriad ways in which manufacturers can keep things fresh and supply our dealers with more options to meet and exceed client expectations.

Of critical importance is our ability to share our ideas with lighting designers and interior designers so everyone becomes aware of all the possibilities available in the marketplace. And that is where experience centers play a key role in expanding awareness as to the full impact properly designed illumination can play in enhancing any space. One of the newest lighting design centers open to the trade is the brand new Lighting Technology and Learning Center at the Dallas Market Center. The A/V industry’s largest buying group, ProSource, is behind this new experience center that will also provide an opportunity for design-build professionals to learn about lighting applications and advancements in an immersive setting.


Training is another critical component if we are to continue to advance the art of illumination. Virtually all lighting manufacturers are offering some form of training, whether in person or virtually, which must continue and expand where possible. Our lighting trade associations and trade shows also play a vital role in furthering education, as lighting impacts a wide variety of physiological and psychological touch points.

Finally, certification must play a role in the big picture as we expand awareness and availability and reach out to a far larger audience than we are hitting today. Setting goals and standards mean that we are serious about our craft, and so I expect that industry certification will begin to play an ever-increasing role in our industry segment.

I have been thrilled to see how much — and how rapidly! — the lighting industry has evolved in just the past few short years. The sky’s the limit if we act responsibly and with purpose. On behalf of my colleagues who manufacture lighting products, we are ready to up our game and support the industry as we all continue to explore the wonderful opportunities that lie before us.


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