Turf’s Wall Scapes

The design world has seen a strong movement toward the implementation of biophilic design within the commercial, residential and hospitality spaces, with the goal of transforming static and unnatural spaces into welcoming, peaceful retreats. Studies show that introducing these elements such as soothing colors, organic shapes and natural light to modern design can help reduce levels of stress, increase productivity, boost creative thinking, and even reduce symptoms of illness. 

Turf’s Wall Scapes collection takes inspiration from nature’s organic shapes and patterns to serve as a practical yet impactful acoustic wall solution. Each panel paired with the earthy, nature-inspired tones from Turf’s exclusive Hues palette provides designers with the perfect acoustic tools to add touches of nature throughout spaces. “This emphasizes that our products not only contribute as acoustic helpers within a space but are also integral elements intentionally crafted by designers to enliven and enrich the environments for those who inhabit them,” comments Rob Krejci, Senior Product Development Manager.

Each design in the Wall Scapes collection, named after their defining characteristics, integrates biophilic patterns and colors into modern design, especially when paired with the bespoke Hues palette. 

The geometric layout of Acre draws inspiration from the patterns found in aerial views of farmland, with the primary shapes converging to create a panel that fosters a sense of serenity.

Wave draws inspiration from oceans and lakes, employing both shallow and deep lines to emulate the rhythmic patterns of waves.

Peak embodies the richness of forest landscapes with intricate details of varying depths and scales, crafting a dynamic and vibrant scene.