Your TV is More Than Just a TV

news - April 2020

Your TV is More Than Just a TV

Big screen TVs are way more than just binge-watching Netflix or catching the ball game.

By Douglas Weinstein

LG Cinebeam Short Throw projector

Photo courtesy of LG.


AS TELEVISIONS GET BIGGER, new and creative technologies are emerging to bring ever larger displays into our homes. While the largest TVs are about 100 inches in diameter, next-gen short throw projectors that sit unobtrusively on a credenza, inches from the wall, can beam an image up to about 150 inches. Traditional projectors can go way bigger. My point is, no one walks into a Best Buy and asks, “do you have anything smaller in stock.” Big is the new black.

But big screen TVs are way more than just binge-watching Netflix or catching the ball game. There are more ways to utilize your TV, and I want to give you just a few examples to get you thinking about how spaces can be designed to take advantage of the latest big screen displays.


live, interactive content

Imagine taking your next Peleton training class in front of a mammoth display? Or maybe your weekly yoga class with an instructor on the other side of the planet. Or maybe invite friends and family from across the country to join you live on Thanksgiving?

Your friends can come over and everyone can take turns displaying whatever is on their phone via Bluetooth. You can see everyone’s videos and watch them on a life-size display. The possibilities in our connected world are endless.

These types of live interactive, reality TV experiences are the real future of the big screen evolution. New microLED technology that will be debuting later this year — while initially very expensive, let’s be honest — are the future of big screen viewing. With incredible contrast, black levels and dynamic colors, microLED TVs will offer you the ability to cover an entire wall with images.


Photo courtesy of Sony.


room design

One of the drawbacks of our current big screen TVs is that they don’t look so hot when they are off. You just have a big black rectangle on your wall. But with projectors – especially the latest short-throw units - you can give the homeowner the experience they desire without compromising the architecture of the space.

final thoughts

In the upcoming Spring issue of Technology Designer Magazine, we’ll be exploring some fascinating large format media rooms from Sony and deep-diving into the latest LG CineBeam short-throw projector. There is so much more you can do with a large display than just sit and veg on Star Trek reruns. Live performances and video conferencing are on the rise in homes across the country. Make space for those yoga mats and Peleton bikes. Get up close and personal with your friends and neighbors.