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news - December 2019

TV Mirrors: Hide in Plain Sight

A convenient viewing location when they're on, and a non-obtrusive way to hide the television when they're turned off.

By George McClure

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Photos courtesy of Séura


As our name suggests, at Technology Designer Magazine we’re all about helping architects, designers and builders effectively integrate today’s advanced technologies while actually complementing a home’s décor. To that end, here’s one of the coolest product categories we know of — TV mirrors (also known as mirror TVs).

TV mirrors provide a convenient viewing location when they are on, and a non-obtrusive way to hide the television when they are turned off. When the LED TV is activated, the screen is conveniently visible as a window within the mirror. When it's turned off, the LED is completely hidden from view to allow for a complete mirror reflection.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, these futuristic, décor-enhancing devices are perfect for bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Some of the larger ones utilize 4K LED TVs, and there are even models which incorporate both an LED TV and lighting for a thoroughly dramatic effect.

The technology

Most mirror TVs use dielectric glass (also known as smart glass), which has a semi-transparent mirror coating that allows it to change from transparent to opaque. It provides great picture quality through the mirror, while still maintaining a beautiful reflection when the television is off. Building dielectric glass is a complicated process, so there is a wide range in the type and quality of mirror TVs. Lower-end smart glass can potentially decrease the brightness of the TV when it’s turned on and give a weaker reflection when the TV is turned off, so we always recommend visiting a showroom to “test-drive” the actual model you or your clients might be interested in.


Séura is a company that specializes in mirror TVs and other lifestyle-oriented models. They also have an extensive frame collection and offer beveling options. Here are some of their offerings:

Vanity Mirrors: Lights, Camera, Action!
Discretely incorporate video into bathrooms, dressing rooms and spas without ever having to see the TV. Séura Vanity TV Mirrors are purposefully crafted to create excellent mirror reflectivity, while enabling the television to completely disappear when switched off. Séura offers the highest quality Vanity TV Mirror viewing experience with displays that now appear 25 percent brighter. Unique design configuration options include display size, mirror size, lighting and TV placement within the mirror, framing, and more.

Séura Vanity TV Mirrors have two 10-watt speakers integrated on the reverse side of the mirror. For more high-performance sound, the mirror is also outfitted with audio out options for professional distributed audio solutions like architectural ceiling speakers.

In addition to Vanity TV Mirrors, Séura also offers Smart Speaker Lighted Mirrors, which combine the smart technology of voice-enabled speakers with the best possible dimmable vanity lighting. Prepare for your day while listening to music, checking the weather, controlling your smart home and more.

Entertainment TV Mirrors: The Best Television You’ve Never Seen
From an interior design standpoint, large flat screens are sometimes a bit of an obstacle to an attractive room layout, so hiding the TV in plain sight can be just the solution a room needs. Séura Entertainment TV Mirrors are indistinguishable from a framed mirror when off, allowing you to design a room without having to worry about a clashing black rectangle on the wall. A beautiful mirror that magically transforms into a TV when switched on, a Séura Entertainment TV offers uncompromising quality while adding to the design of the home.

Séura offers TVs in various sizes from 42-65 inches, and mirrors up to 94 x 70 inches. And, like the Vanity Mirrors, Entertainment TV Mirrors have audio outputs that allow them to be easily integrated into a distributed audio system.

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