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Intelligent IT Monitoring

RSM (remote system management) and RMM (remote monitoring & management) have now entered the lexicon in the luxury residential market

By Steve Crabb

Networking Basics

AS I HAVE PREVIOUSLY DISCUSSED, the modern home has hundreds of IoT devices and more and more are being installed every day. Smart lights, smart appliances, smart toilets, smart everything. To most people those are the obvious products that you associate being connected to the house’s network. But step back for a moment and dig just a little deeper.

  • The wine cellar’s temperature and humidity control systems
  • Security cameras and perimeter sensors
  • Advanced HVAC and energy management systems
  • Irrigation control systems
  • Automated shading
  • Basement water sensors

This is just a partial list of mission-critical systems in a house that are interconnected and reside on the home’s IT network. As homes become more complicated in their array of technologies, a logical question has to be asked – who is monitoring these systems in order to effect prompt service in case of outage?

For decades in the commercial world and throughout government and academia, remote system management (RSM) has been standard operating procedure. From a centralized location an IT department can monitor remote networks and be alerted if any mission-critical infrastructure goes off-line. And from that centralized location the IT team can log-into a remote location and attempt to repair outages using a variety of means at their disposal. From a simple re-boot to software/firmware updates, fixes can be accomplished without the need to travel to that particular location.

From a commercial point of view, RSM has two major benefits; because you don’t need an IT department at every location you save labor costs, and the ability to fix things remotely without having to roll a truck or get on an airplane saves time and money.

RSM and RMM (remote monitoring & management) have now entered the lexicon in the luxury residential market. The top technology design firms are now offering very reasonable RSM/RMM services so any home can be monitored for system failures 24/7/365. And by reasonable, I mean less than you probably pay for your streaming services. Think about going on vacation and coming home to discover the wine vault’s temperature control system has been on the fritz for two weeks or discovering that your security cameras have been down for a month. What would it be worth to have those monitored constantly?

And what about monitoring your system for security breaches? Most people are one hack away from having their lives messed with and believe me, putting all the pieces back together is a painstaking and ugly task. Why not have a professional keep an eye on your stuff and alert you if they detect a security breach?

RSM will become the norm in residential, just like having a physical security system or fire detection system. In fact, you should really think of RSM as your internet-based security system. In our opinion, it’s just common sense in the IoT world of things. Let’s keep all of our clients on-line, up-time and happy.