Spotlight on Coulisse Shading Fabrics

Paula Melo, of Coulisse Marketing, gives insights into its business and fabric collection with Legrand Shading Systems.

From the artistry of fabric selection to innovative system automation, window shades have evolved into more than just light barriers; they have become orchestrators of ambiance within a home and a centerpiece to a room that enhances the residential AV experience. Coulisse, a leading shading fabric designer, and Legrand Shading Systems partner, redefines the narrative of window coverings with fabrics that seek a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Coulisse’s Paula Melo shares the intricacies of the company’s smart and inspiring window covering solutions. 

Q: For those who aren’t familiar with Coulisse in the AV industry, can you explain what Coulisse is and what you’re known for?

Founded in 1992, Coulisse is a Dutch family-run business working with and for passionate individuals to create smart and innovative window covering solutions for the industry worldwide. We have over a decade of experience in the US and operate from a 50,000-square-foot warehouse and main office located in Miami. This ensures that customers in the region have access to precisely what they need with the availability of local stock.

Coulisse’s mission is to enhance people’s lives by crafting inspiring window coverings that go beyond mere functionality. They are an expression of style, taste, and individuality that contributes to safety, well-being, and convenience for any space in homes and offices across the globe.

Q: Why is fabric choice important to the shade experience? And what does Coulisse bring to that experience? 

Fabric choice is crucial to the shade experience as it significantly influences the overall aesthetics, tactile sensation, and functionality of window coverings. At Coulisse, beauty has always been a major part of our design. Coulisse is extremely thoughtful about what is added to collections and examines carefully what products are added. Everything we create is always aimed to be exquisite and captures our senses! It’s no secret that you feel much happier if you surround yourself with beautiful products. This is what our company believes in. Every product we design must be captivating and relevant — always well thought out with an eye for beauty.

Q: How is Coulisse sold?  
Coulisse sells its window covering solutions through a combination of innovative product development and a commitment to the idea that window coverings are more than just functional items. The company is known for staying on the cutting edge of design, offering inspiring and forward-thinking collections. Coulisse caters to a wide range of interior styles, from modern to rustic, by curating a soft and gentle color palette.

Q: You’re partnered with Legrand, which is a well-known brand in the AV industry. What can you tell us about the Legrand Coulisse fabric collection?

This collection features a variety of fabrics, from delicate screens to richly textured linen blackout fabrics. These must-have fabrics carry the EcoLuxury label, which means that they are made in a sustainable way. Not only helping the ecological footprint (from using less water and green energy during production, to more efficient logistics and better use of warm and cold water), but ensuring easier, safer, and more comfortable spaces for people to live and work.

Each fabric in this collection has been thoughtfully designed to bring a serene and tranquil ambiance to any space, contributing to a sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere. The inclusion of different textures and opacities ensures that this fabric collection caters to various preferences and design needs.

Q: What are the most popular fabrics in this collection and why?

The most popular fabrics are our Hampton and Mombassa fabrics. They have a natural linen look and irregular yarns. With timeless neutral colors and refined textures, our Hampton collection is on-trend and in great demand. The Mombassa collection comes in a range of soft color tones that perfectly match modern as well as classic interiors.  

Q: What would you suggest for media or home theaters that need complete light blockage?

We’d recommend black out fabrics for 100% blockage of light. Some of our black out fabrics are FR (Flame Retardant) such as Como, Mexico, and Santiago. Other popular fabrics are the Hampton and Mombassa black out.

Q: What would you suggest for kitchens?  

For kitchens, a great choice is a sheer screen fabric linen look such as Hampton, or light filtering fabrics that provide more privacy such as Lin, which has natural linen yarns.

Q: What would you suggest for bedrooms?

Room darkening fabrics with black out properties, such as Como, Mexico, Hampton and Santiago, are perfect for bedrooms.

Q: Anything to suit a client looking for something different and more decorative?  

Within the Legrand-Coulisse collection, Mombassa brings something different to the table with its modern and irregular texture look. Thanks to its unique tactile look, the Mombassa fabrics create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space. It available in both black-out and light filtering.

Q: Are there any certifications that the collection includes? Why are these important?

Yes — Como, Mexico, Salvador and Santiago are FR (Flame Retardant). This is very important not only in homes but also in hospitality and corporate.

Q: Do you have any advice for installers as they get to know the Coulisse brand?

For installers getting to know the Coulisse brand, I would recommend familiarizing themselves with the diverse range of fabrics and innovative solutions Coulisse offers. Understanding the unique features and benefits of each product will empower installers to provide tailored recommendations for their clients. Installers shouldn’t hesitate to leverage Coulisse’s resources, such as webinars and e-books, which are available on the website, to enhance their expertise and deliver exceptional service.

Free samples of Coulisse fabrics can be order through Legrand Shading Systems’ Fabric Sampling Portal: