nobilia North America

Be Inspired – nobilia’s 2024 collection is a testament to innovation, creativity, and integrated interior design concepts.

This year, nobilia proudly unveils NOVALUX, a sophisticated addition that epitomizes true luxury in European Kitchen Furniture.

Unique Features and Innovations:

  • Ultramodern Aesthetics: NOVALUX is a pinnacle of modernity with its clean lines, sleek surfaces, and minimalist designs, aligning seamlessly with the ongoing trend in kitchen aesthetics.
  • Innovative Thin Edge Radius: Setting a new standard in high-gloss lacquer fronts, NOVALUX boasts a distinctively thin edge radius of less than 1 inch (1.8 mm), adding a touch of finesse and sophistication to every kitchen.
  • Material Harmony: The NOVALUX 516 in Alpine white high gloss presents an elegant and timeless canvas. The juxtaposition of modern alpine white with matte grey slate elements, including the worktop and niche cladding, underscores the design’s minimalist and luxurious appeal.
  • Contrasting Elegance: The NOVALUX 519, featuring lacquer in satin grey high gloss, creates a stunning contrast. The interplay between high-gloss and matte surfaces in shades of grey adds depth and versatility to this design.

nobilia North America is also proud to unveil its expanded sliding door system for 2024, now available in three stunning colors with anti-fingerprint properties. This enhancement provides even more options for personalized design, allowing customers to elevate their spaces with both style and functionality.

Sliding doors have proven to be a universal talent in optimizing available space, and nobilia takes it a step further by integrating anti-fingerprint technology. These doors save space and create an illusion of a larger room, transforming the overall aesthetic. They offer the perfect solution for dividing areas and concealing functional sections like pantries, utility rooms, closets with additional shelf units, or workspaces.

As a testament to the innovative capabilities of nobilia’s sliding doors, visit nobilia’s booth at KBIS 2024. Experience firsthand the sophistication of our wardrobe closet vignette featuring the Easytouch Taupe Grey sliding doors with anti-fingerprint properties and a centered mirror. These sliding doors seamlessly conceal nobilia’s wardrobe system, showcasing the true multi-talented nature of the sliding doors in optimizing space within limited areas.

Inside these doors, witness the brilliance of nobilia’s shelving system, a striking conversation piece in every room. Offering multifaceted and flexible planning options, this system combines innovative ideas, elegant design, and countless practical details to create integrated contemporary home interiors.