Leon Introduces New All-Weather Covers

Lepn All-Weather Covers for Terra LuminSound Outdoor Speakers

With options for both the TrLS50 and TrLS Bollard, the Terra All-Weather Cover offers extreme protection and convenience in the harshest of environments.

Lepn All-Weather Covers for Terra LuminSound Outdoor Speakers

Leon announces the release of a new optional accessory for its popular Terra LuminSound line of outdoor audio and lighting solutions. Created from recycled, ultra-durable synthetic sailcloth, the new Terra LuminSound All-Weather Cover helps protect and maintain Terra LuminSound products in even the harshest of environments, adding a new dimension of convenience, durability, and eco-consciousness to any outdoor audio setup.

Available in two sizes for both the Terra LuminSound TrLS50 and taller LuminSound Bollard, the Terra All-Weather Cover offers unparalleled protection during times when outdoor speakers and lighting may not be in active use. Featuring a convenient drawstring and added weighting at the bottom, the discreet cover ensures a secure fit, effectively shielding the speakers’ aluminum powder-coat finish from extended exposure to the elements.

While Leon’s ultra-durable and weatherproof Terra series is engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions for many years, this innovative cover provides an extra layer of defense, keeping an end user’s investment clean and pristine without sacrificing visual aesthetics. During periods of prolonged non-use, the cover will keep TrLS products in prime condition—eliminating the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Three Key Benefits:
– Ensures any Terra LuminSound product remains in top-notch condition with minimal cleaning required, providing peace of mind during even the harshest of winters.
– Protects speakers’ premium powder-coat finish while showcasing a commitment to sustainability with eco-conscious material.
– Effortlessly integrates with Terra LuminSound’s discreet, elevated branding to provide end users with a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing audio setup.