Aria Vent Rebrands as Fittes Co.

The rebrand marks the expansion into a diversified product portfolio of home-building finishes that steal the show.

Aria Vent, a leading innovator in modular building material solutions, unveils its expansion beyond vents with a new name, Fittes Co. The decision to rebrand stems from Fittes Co.’s evolution beyond its original product, the Aria Vent, to include a diverse range of high-quality interior finishes. This strategic shift reflects the company’s continued growth, expanding product portfolio, and a vision to bring cutting-edge modular building offerings to the market.

While Aria will continue as a product range close to their heart, Fittes Co. represents a more comprehensive identity that encompasses the brand’s future endeavors. The new name reflects the company’s core philosophy of things fitting perfectly into place. From the early stages of research and development to collaborating closely with renovation professionals, Fittes Co. strives for seamless integration, with products that enhance any architectural style or interior design aesthetic. 

“We believe that simple but innovative ideas can help transform homes with modern designs that reflect sophisticated tastes,” said Roberta Mantenuto, CEO of Fittes Co. “Our goal is to reimagine mundane components that are often overlooked, providing customers with modular building material solutions that breathe life into interiors.”

One of the key benefits of Fittes Co.’s offerings is the ease of customization on site. The company is committed to simplifying the installation process, catering to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. By offering user-friendly products, Fittes Co. empowers individuals to create homes that exude a truly custom feel. From modular floor and wall vents that seamlessly integrate into the spaces they inhabit, to the ingenious bathroom storage that is hidden in between wall joists, the Fittes Co. product range offers a stylish alternative to traditional building components and accessories that are often forgotten about.  


The Fittes Co. product offering includes:


Flush Floor Vent Luxe

Minimal, flush floor vents. Once installed, they can be fully customized with any flooring material with only a rectangular air channel visible.


Flush Drywall Exhaust Mount Lite

Ultra-minimal exhaust fan mount and cover, equipped with a light-weight ABS plastic drywall bead that contours seamlessly into the drywall surface so unsightly, dust collecting vents disappear. 


WC Niche Luxe

Water closet kit that holds all the bathroom-y stuff! Designed with a hidden door that stores a garbage bin and other unsightly bathroom essentials. Customizations are unlimited, including integrating a toilet paper holder and LED lights in the recessed channel above. 


Flush Drywall Receptacle Lite

Integrate wall plates (light switches, outlets etc.) flush to the wall surface. Equipped with a light-weight ABS plastic drywall bead that contours a continuous and smooth surface.


No-See Shower Niche

Minimalist, drop-in niche designed with a hinged door to conceal unsightly shower toiletries. Customize the door with surface material to blend seamlessly into the surrounding wall.