Phantom HALR Plus by Stewart Filmscreen

Phantom HALR Plus delivers dynamic visual imagery in high ambient light settings

There are numerous applications where large filmscreens are positioned that are subject to an abundance of ambient light. Whether for residential, educational, commercial or hospitality, ensuring proper visual intensity is critical for projection system design.

Stewart Filmscreen’s Phantom HALR Plus is a flexible front projection, high ambient light rejecting projection screen material. Formulated for use in multipurpose viewing applications, it eliminates the concerns of a washed-out image due to uncontrolled ambient light. The elevated gain provides a needed boost to projectors requiring a little more punch. Phantom HALR Plus is offered in any image size up to 40 by 90 feet – completely seamless. It is available with Stewart’s exclusive MicroPerf X² THX Ultra or CinemaPerf for acoustic transparency. Phantom HALR Plus is a Stewart Filmscreen image surface, guaranteeing a viewing experience with stellar color uniformity and visual fidelity in a high ambient light application.

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