U.S. Architectural Lighting Introduces Pacifica™ Luminaries

U.S. Architectural Lighting Pacifica Luminaries

 Stylish round-form luminaires with sleek, minimalist lines offer optimal lighting of external areas.

U.S. Architectural Lighting Pacifica Luminaries

Inspired by the ocean’s rolling waves, U.S. Architectural Lighting, a leading American manufacturer of contemporary area and street lighting, introduces Pacifica™, a distinctively elegant family of round form luminaries that are designed to complement today’s architectural compositions while providing superior photometric performance. Its striking design and flexibility make Pacifica ideal for safety and security for parking areas, pathways, pedestrian walkways, streets, building approaches and other external areas.

Pacifica offers sleek minimalist lines and is available in 18- and 24-inch post top luminaires, as well as a 12-inch bollard and an arm mount for the larger model. The Pacifica family comes in five standard and two premium finishes, as well as RAL colors. The distinctly stylized arm mount luminaire, with cast aluminum construction, complements the modern appearance of its Pacifica family counterparts, and comes with a highly functional, wiring compartment door that enables easy accessibility for installation and maintenance. The 24-inch arm mount can be configured to have multiple units on a single pole, offering solutions for a wide range of lighting applications. It is scalable to appear perfectly proportioned at 25-foot mounting heights.

The Pacifica post top luminaires are designed to balance scale, form and function with technology and performance. Available in two sizes, with either single or double struts, they are as sculpturally beautiful by day as they are luminously proficient by night. The versatile fixtures can easily adapt to a multitude of scales, environments, and architectural styles.

Engineered for superior performance with solid-state technology, the Pacifica 12-inch bollard is designed to deliver over 3600 lumens for walkways and building approaches. Producing up to 17,000 lumens, the 18-inch post top unit provides the perfectly proportioned appearance at pedestrian scale to optimize sidewalk and pathway illumination. The large 24-inch post-top and pole mounted luminaries are available from 41 to 221 watts with lumen packages ranging up to 29,000 lumens. All of the luminaires are dark sky friendly and carry a BUG rating of U0.

With its IP66 rating for wet applications, the Pacifica family can operate reliably in temperatures down to -40°F.   The units feature a Super TGIC polyester powder coating that incorporates a four-stage pretreatment process to prepare the metal surface for maximum adhesion and color retention. The topcoat is then baked at 400°F for maximum hardness and exterior durability.

Additionally, the Pacifica family offers exceptional thermal management with separate heat chambers and machined heat sinks to ensure maintenance-free illumination and long-term performance. The Pacifica family operates on 120-277V, 50/60Hz or 347V-480V, 50/60Hz. It comes with a limited five-year warranty. For more information about the Pacifica family, visit https://www.usaltg.com/products/asr/Pacifica-2.html.