Schneider Electric Unveils Schneider Home at CES

New system brings energy efficiency, sustainability, and simplicity to homes
in an entirely new way.

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, unveiled Schneider Home – a first-of-its-kind home energy management solution for homeowners seeking savings, comfort, and energy independence at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Schneider Home manages everything from solar and backup battery to EV charger and grid power. It’s your one and done power solution that allows you to save energy and money. Schneider Home helps you cut your electricity bills by optimizing power usage throughout your home while keeping you comfortable.

The Schneider Home energy management solution includes a home battery for clean energy storage, a high-power solar inverter, a smart electrical panel, electric vehicle charger and connected electric sockets and light switches – all controlled by the easy-to-use Schneider Home app. The Schneider Home solution intelligently orchestrates home energy by bringing together utility power, solar, back up battery and EV charging. It offers unparalleled intelligence to homeowners, including the ability to monitor energy consumption by individual appliance, decide where to prioritize power during an outage to extend available back up power, and avoid expensive electrical service upgrades when purchasing an EV. The solution also allows homeowners to save by enrolling in utility programs and qualify for tax incentives.

In contrast to existing solutions which require separate apps and disjointed hardware, Schneider Electric has eliminated the complexity for homeowners by automating energy production, storage, measurement and control. Recognized by CES as a 2023 Innovation Award Honoree, Schneider Home’s sleek styling and integrated approach mark a new age of home energy management solutions.