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Editor’s Letter – Summer 2021

EDITOR'S LETTER - Summer 2021

First Thoughts

We've invited a few new voices to the table to deliver a comprehensive look at the modern performance home.

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Greetings. Dorothy’s famous line, “There’s no place like home” is shared by millions who love nothing more than tinkering with and fine-tuning their nest. And who can blame them? With the richness of fabrics and textures and palette of colors available in furnishings and fixtures, it’s big fun to update and refresh spaces throughout the house. One trend we’re seeing in technology is that air purifiers and water filtration systems are surging in popularity, along with a continued focus on indoor/outdoor living.

We've invited a few new voices to the table to deliver a comprehensive look at the modern performance home. Jamie Briesemeister and Amanda Wildman report on infrastructure and the importance of getting technology designers in early so you’re not delivering obsolescence along with the new keys to the front door. Our infrastructure theme continues as we touch on acoustics and pre-planning for motorized window treatments, as well as getting your lighting design properly specified.

Bill Hensley takes a look at outdoor kitchens and Jason Takahashi explores the options for sustainably cooking with carbon. And we take a look at one of the most enlightened kitchen appliances that can make a real impact on energy management and indoor health, the induction cooktop.

Sean O’Keefe explores water sustainability with an exclusive -- and fascinating -- look inside the world of Kohler and how they are incubating the very concept of water preservation. Steve Panosian explains a key difference between DIY and whole home control – it boils down to how valuable you consider your privacy. And George McClure brings the world of personal hi-fidelity alive with a look at those intimate spaces that are perfect for aural pleasure. And we take a spin around the finest in video reproduction and the dawning of a new age in interactive media – don’t call them TVs anymore, they are visual displays that will stun and amaze.

We also explore the world of BRAVAS, a national technology design and systems integration firm that brings the benefits of scale to new meanings in the world of residential technology. As our industry continues to mature, new concepts in design and new ideas regarding delivery methodologies are beginning to open our eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead in just the next few years.

Finally, Stephanie Casimiro has the best fun of the entire issue with her engaging chat with noted designer David Santiago. David is engaging and colorful, and he’s also an accomplished opera singer. Who knew?

On behalf of the entire TD team, let me say how excited we are to return to CEDIA Expo 2021 as we take an in-depth and in-person look at the latest offerings in residential technology. We’ll share all the news and bring you the latest as we explore the newest trends in smart home development.

Let's go see where technology meets design.



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