Wall-Smart flush mount

Wall-Smart: The Leader in Flush Wall Mounts


Wall-Smart: The Leader in Flush Wall Mounts

Wall-Smart's vision is to change the way walls look and function by integrating electronic devices and interior design.

By George McClure

Wall-Smart flush mount

WALL-SMART WAS ESTABLISHED IN 2013 with a vision to change the way walls look and function. With the rise of smart building technologies, there was a need for solutions that are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Wall-Smart offers flush mounts for tablets, touch screens, keypads , tablets, receptacles, keypads, access points, cameras and other devices by the world-leading companies in the Home Automation industry such as Crestron, Control4, Savant, Lutron, URC , ELAN, Basalte, Apple, Josh.ai. and more.

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With the ever-growing smart building industry, control devices have become an integral part of the interior design — often as an eye-sore. To alleviate this problem, the first Wall-Smart wall mounts were designed for new construction installations, to be installed flush as part of the drywall construction. These mounts are painted with the wall finish, and provide a totally seamless finish and super aesthetic results alongside solid surface mounts, for flush installations in solid boards such as wood, metal, glass, marble and partition walls.

​In early 2015, Wall-Smart developed the revolutionary Retrofit mounts, designed for existing construction. These mounts provide the perfect combination of ease-of-installation, alongside aesthetic results and near-zero construction work requirements.

As the years went by, Wall-Smart kept up with hundreds of new control devices, providing a specific custom mount for each device, designed according to the device's engineering requirements and general construction needs, taking into consideration audio, thermal, sensors and other features.

Wall-Smart has partnered with a number of major brands in the smart building industry and provides its wall mounts through manufacturers, distributors and dealers/integrators. Wall-Smart offers solutions for both residential and commercial applications with mounting solutions that are sold worldwide and installed in museums, universities, offices, medical centers and homes around the world.


At CEDIA Expo 2021 Wall-Smart will be showcasing several new additions to its portfolio of design-friendly mounting solutions. Engineered to help home systems integrators blend technology into the architecture and interior design of homes, Wall-Smart’s new mounts offer an effective solution to a common problem, turning smart home eyesores into hidden assets without any compromise of performance.

Each of Wall-Smart’s new wall and ceiling mounts is custom designed, engineered, and fabricated for a precise fit and finish of a specific home tech product. This attention to detail ensures not only a seamless, completely flush appearance but also optimal convenience of use and quality of performance. Integrators can install devices, including tablets, touchscreens, light switches, voice assistants, security cameras, and networking components into new construction and retrofit projects with confidence, knowing that the technology will look beautiful and function flawlessly.

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