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Installation Speed Record

news - December 2020

Installation Speed Record

a Dallas homebuilder needed a high-end theater installed in less than a month, so he called Thoughtful Integrations.

Thoughtful Integrations Origami theater Rayva logo on screen

WHEN A CUSTOM HOMEBUILDER in Dallas needed a high-performance theater installed into a luxury show home in less than a month, he contacted Steve Sigel of Thoughtful Integrations. Homes by J. Anthony and Thoughtful Integrations had partnered on other high-caliber smart home projects in the past, but never on such a tight timeline. The builder wanted something of exceptional AV quality and stunning design to impress potential buyers—standard practice for Thoughtful Integrations.

The clincher was that he needed everything up and running in the 16-by-18-foot theater in less than a month. “Home theaters with all the bells and whistles typically take several months to design, engineer, install, and calibrate,” relates Joe Whitaker, president at Thoughtful Integrations. “Fortunately, we had a secret weapon that would help us meet the tight two-week deadline: a preconfigured theater package from Rayva.”

The builder not only loved the speedy setup of a Rayva theater but was blown away by the company’s many design options. Being able to experience finished theaters via a virtual reality headset made Rayva’s offering all the more impressive. He ultimately landed on Rayva’s Origami package. “It had a huge ‘wow’ factor with all the design elements that would make this room stand out and differentiate him from his competition,” remarks Steve Sigel, Thoughtful Integrations VP of Operations, Dallas.


everything for everyone

Equally important, he continues, was that the theater environment be multifunctional. Appropriately dubbed “Everything for Everyone,” the Origami design coupled with a wide range of AV equipment providing a spot for movie buffs, gamers, and music lovers to enjoy their favorite digital past times.

If a movie is the choice, a 4K Sony video projector and 14-foot-wide, 2.40:1 aspect ratio screen from Screen Innovations spring into action. Jaymar D-Box-enabled seats enhance the cinematic vibe by moving in sync with onscreen action. Just as conveniently, a command from a Control4 touchscreen readies the room for movie night or sets the scene for sports viewing by activating colored LED lighting to match a user’s favorite team. And when gaming is on the docket, a 4K Xbox One and a 7.4 Dolby Atmos audio system bring the action to life.

“We’ve purposely designed our entire portfolio of theaters to provide an environment where people can relax, consume content, even meditate and exercise,” affirms George Walter, Rayva President. “This room, which occupies the main level of the luxury home, flexes in multiple ways to appeal to anyone. No matter who walks into the room it resonates with them, and that includes architects, designers, real estate agents, and prospective homebuyers,” Whitaker adds.


Rayva’s support team streamlines design and installation

Rayva’s Origami package checked off every box on the builder’s list of must-haves. Plus, with Rayva’s ongoing design and engineering support, Thoughtful Integrations could focus on the proper selection and installation of the home theater’s impressive suite of AV equipment instead of the room acoustics, lighting, seating arrangement and other interior elements. “It would have taken us several months just to do the interior treatments in this theater if it weren’t for Rayva,” relates Sigel.

In addition to streamlining the design and installation process, Rayva’s Origami interior optimized the room’s AV performance. “In the past, design elements often interfered with the operation of our AV equipment,” Whitaker remarks. “But thanks to the Rayva solution, there were no compromises. The theater looks amazing and operates to full THX and ISF standards.” Even a plexiglass wall at the back of the room, which adjoins a kid’s play area, posed no performance issues. The addition of Rayva Origami acoustical paneling around the partition helped tame the acoustical reflections caused by the hard surface.


bringing a better bottom line

Being awarded a Best Home Cinema CEDIA Award accolade—which puts heavy emphasis on system design, documentation, and performance—validates the value that Rayva’s turnkey theater packages bring to an integrator’s, builder’s, and end-user’s bottom line, without sacrificing an ounce of interior pizzaz or AV performance. With the backing of an expert integration firm like Thoughtful Integrations, this award-winning theater delivers an outstanding blend of interior elegance, technological prowess, and pure enjoyment.