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A message from the new President of CEDIA.


IT IS MY PROFOUND HONOR AND PLEASURE to introduce myself as the new Global President and CEO of CEDIA, the global trade association for the home technology industry.

In my 30+ years of holding non-profit leadership roles — including overseeing advocacy, membership growth, industry outreach, and governance for The Recording Academy — I have always been keenly aware of the essential role that CEDIA has played in advancing up-and- coming residential technology, as well as educating and empowering industry experts.

It was this alignment in values, as well as a mutual respect for the relationships that strengthen our professional com- munities, that ultimately lead me to accept this responsibility. But while I truly appreciate the magnitude of this opportunity, I also know that it means nothing without the thousands of brilliant professionals within our organization whose earnest passion is ensuring that the best moments in life can be experienced at home.

I step into this role at an exciting moment for CEDIA and the industry as a whole. Our homes have increasingly become command central for school, work, rest and play; and a growing IoT market is driving faster, more intuitive residential solutions. But even with this rapidly changing technology space, our designers, manufacturers and integrators continually rise to the challenge of keeping homes comfortable, connected and on the cutting-edge.

And as these developments continue to have an ever-greater impact on today’s smart homes, I look forward to working closely with members of the de- sign-build community—to championing your innovations and addressing, head- on, the issues that are foremost on your minds as industry experts.


These are truly unprecedented times. With a post-pandemic world beginning to come into focus — and with global supply chain interruptions continuing to impact the entire design-build industry
— it is more important than ever that we maintain robust relationships with our partners in the residential technology community. In order to keep growing and innovating, we must lean on the strength of each other’s expertise.

And so, if you have not yet linked into our network of visionary residential technology professionals, or if you’re simply in search of more information for an upcoming custom integration project — I encourage you to reach out to your local CEDIA member and tap into the incredible resources that our association has to offer.

I am truly privileged to now count myself among the more than 30,000 professionals that CEDIA serves worldwide; and I am excited to help lead this organization into what I know will be a bright, connected and solution-driven future for our industry.

Let’s work together to keep collaborating, keep learning, and keep striving for excellence in everything we do. Onward and upward.

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