CEDIA’s Global Reach

Profiles of three award-winning systems from three different continents.


CEDIA (CUSTOM ELECTRONICS DESIGN & INSTALLATION ASSOCIATION) has been at the forefront of smart home technology design and integration for over 30 years. They have been instrumental in advancing the businesses of the association members, both individual member companies as well as the myriad of vendors who support the smart home technology industry.

CEDIA has also been leading the way in networking with the design-build community. Working with architects and designers, association members are there to provide education and other outreach initiatives so the community has a grasp of the ever-changing and evolving world of technology.

Over the years, CEDIA has extended their reach to a global presence. Which is just another way of saying that smart homes have grown and continue to grow in popularity. We are featuring a wide range of cool smart homes and amazing home theater systems in this issue – after all, being cooped up indoors for some time during the COVID-19 pandemic has probably made a lot of families decide it’s time to jettison those old plasma TVs and move into the brave new world of large screen presentation.

So let us profile three systems from three continents and let them tell their own tale of what’s happening on the frontier of smart home technology and the joys of gathering around with friends and family to catch a ball game or enjoy a night at the movies.


The performance objectives for technology design firm Sound Sense on this project were to ensure that the design criteria were aligned with the highest quality metrics to reproduce sound, visuals, and effects as envisioned by a film’s creators.

The client had no budgetary constraints. The only requirement was to design a worldclass cinema where the client can watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies in the comfort of his home. The Sound Sense team designed the required blueprint for the cinema room, projector room, and rack room to accomplish a neat in-wall setup and a monster-sized screen. Many discussions were required with the architect to make the required changes to the original blueprint.

The setup included a large screen and seating for 16. The client’s wishes included the ability to set the tone of the room based on his mood, so various ambient lighting scenarios were devised and customized with diffused lighting. To deliver the best AV setup, the integrator opted for an immersive Dolby Atmos 9.4.6 surround sound system, with four subwoofers placed discreetly in each corner of the room.

This project won the CEDIA Global Award for Best Home Cinema.

CEDIA member since 2015


A client based in London contracted the team at technology design firm Perfect Integration to work on his new project in Monaco, which he planned as his forever home. The integration team worked alongside a number of other contractors, all under the guidance of the architect, Anne Friscault.

This project won CEDIA’s prestigious Global Award for Best Integrated Home, which means there’s a lot going on behind the scenes! From the initial technology design, to the advanced whole-home wiring specification, to the Amina invisible speakers and outdoor Sonance landscape audio system, this home is not only spectacular for entertaining guests, but is extremely tech friendly and intuitive and easy to operate. The absolutely gorgeous dedicated theater hits just the right note as a finishing salute to the grandeur that is Monaco.

CEDIA member since 2012

Southern California

With advancements in weatherproof electronics, it’s possible to turn any space — inside or out — into a media room. In this particular case, the client wanted to turn his rooftop deck into an entertainment space, so he turned to his technology design firm, Audio Images. The deck has an incredible view of a bay along the Southern California coastline, and the homeowner wanted to turn a non-descript, under-utilized space into a place to watch sports and movies and listen to music.

This system features an outdoor rated 84” TV on a motorized lift along with marine-rated speakers and subwoofers. Anthony Grimani tuned the whole 8.2 channel audio system with digital signal processing in order to make the sound perfect. There’s also a 4.1 audio system in the bar and jacuzzi area along with a TV on a lift and swivel to allow for easy viewing. Both displays are part of a whole house audio/video distribution system.

The ingenuity and creative application of outdoor specific technology won this project a Global Media Room Award from CEDIA.

CEDIA member since 1995
Interior Designer: LEO PARRELLA
Acoustics Consultant: ANTHONY GRIMANI
Display Calibration: DAVID ABRAMS