Inside Salamander Designs

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Inside Salamander Designs

Salamander stylishly integrates modern lifestyles with the latest technology

By Cat Toomey

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SOMETIMES WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS WHAT YOU CAN. Salamander Designs is highly acclaimed worldwide for beautiful and functional furniture, cabinetry, huddle tables, entertainment seating and other selections of high-quality furniture for both residential and commercial designers and specifiers.

Looking at the outside, anyone can see that Salamander furniture is custom-designed and aesthetically elegant. It blends smoothly into any décor and can be skinned to match any home or office decorating scheme.


beauty is indeed more than skin deep

Inside every piece of Salamander furniture is a piece of founder/owner Salvatore Carrabba, a man passionately obsessed with high quality, details and precision. An artist and sculptor who lights up when he discusses design and materials – and the next challenge. For more than 25 years Salamander has been delivering products built sustainably in the USA from only the finest materials. This is one reason why Salamander Designs was chosen by Sony, Sharp, LG and others to produce dedicated furniture that brings out the maximum productivity and versatility from their hardware technology, while at the same time blending aesthetics and functionality into the design environment.


The benefits go way beyond hidden wires, multi-angle ergonomic monitor support and out-of-sight electronics. Many of Salamander’s cabinets provide the option for active rear ventilation to keep electronics cool, for example. Every piece is custom, yet Salamander provides personalized solutions that can be delivered in days rather than months. Think of it as designer custom, yet quick shipped — which is a rarity.

And most of these elegant furnishings are hand-crafted in a 100 percent solar-powered factory in Connecticut.


Salamander Designs works directly with the design-build community and provides a highly skilled, professional Design Services Team that can connect the dots. This gives all Salamander Designs’ partners the expanded ability to work from hand drawings, photos or specs—or even just wild ideas—and then color match finishes and incorporate design elements to meet the most stringent requirements.

what about warranty and customer service?

Something else you can see from the outside: Salamander furniture is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and supported by some of the finest customer service groups in the industry. Service begins before you buy, with onsite training, design assistance and setup support. Products are Quick Shipped and enjoy true white glove service.

Take a look inside Salamander Designs and you’ll see a company committed to producing durable, beautiful and incredibly functional furniture to support the design-build community. And although the products themselves are richly handsome and refined, it’s the special magic inside that you can’t see that makes Salamander so special. We consider it a best-in-class product.


Salamander Designs