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Crestron Home

There has been a sea-change in the world of home automation in the past year. One of the most important players in the space has revolutionized the way complex residential control systems are deployed. And they have introduced the next generation in user interfaces and user experiences. Rest assured, we won’t bore you with the technology in and of itself. But we believe this is a game-changing product. After all, if technology touches every square inch of the modern estate, it’s the automation system that makes it all happen in real time.

For many of you, Crestron is a familiar brand name. They are world leaders in both commercial and residential automation control systems. And while Crestron’s commercial business makes up 85 percent of their total sales volume, they throw a disproportionate amount of time, energy and money into their residential business unit. Fun fact, their residentially focused engineering team tops 215.

For decades, Crestron has been the preferred choice for largescale commercial buildings. Universities, hospitals and major commercial buildings have Crestron at the heart of the control matrix. These systems – think of a major commercial building more like a stand-alone city – require tons of custom programming to ensure that every sub-system interfaces properly with the master control component.

This sophistication has always distilled down to the Crestron residential business unit. Historically, Crestron has been the preferred choice for powering the most complex residential properties, but at the same time, it required massive amounts of programming. Which is why some of you might have heard the name Crestron before. You see, if we’re being honest with each other, Crestron – despite the amazing things their systems could do – always required re-programming any time the homeowner wanted to make a change to their environment.

In other words, if you wanted to change the lighting or temperature of any given room, you had to have a programmer pop over and re-program your system. And that costs time and money.

But those days are now over.

there has been a sea-change in the world of home automation in the past year.





One of the major attributes of the new Crestron Home system is that even for the largest estates, the entire home can be programmed with an iPad. In hours, not weeks.

Several years ago Crestron introduced an automation scheme they called Pyng. This platform was introduced to take care of very light home automation projects. Control the lights, HVAC and audio distribution. Then they added video distribution. And now they’ve incorporated voice. In Spring of 2019, Pyng will be re-branded as Crestron Home.

One of the major attributes of the new Crestron Home system is that even for the largest estates, the entire home can be programmed with an iPad. In hours, not weeks. Best of all, the homeowner can make changes to their lights, environment or add new products in the blink of an eye. It’s intuitive and simple to configure. And that takes massive engineering smarts to accomplish.


With key information such as security on display, as well as the ability to change the image. This is a screen truly built for the modern smart home.

Navigation just become easier. With custom room imagery, homeowners have the ability to go room to room or floor to floor.

Homeowners have easy access to all of their homes from the Crestron Home app. Easily select the home you want to operate. Even better, they can choose any image they want to use to showcase their house on their home screen and see some key status indicators.

As you would expect from Crestron Home, intuitive control and a premium experience.

Once you enter your home a responsive, smooth world of Crestron awaits. Key information is laid out and quick action buttons are right where you need them to be.

Beautiful design. In the living room or the master bedroom suite, homeowners can adapt and interpret scenes. Intuitive control is the hallmark of the Crestron Home.

new horizons

When you step beyond the technological feat of automating today’s modern home, you end up with a real challenge which is the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX). This is where the real challenge of fulfilling technology’s brand promise begins – can you provide the homeowner with a seamless system that is intuitive to use and provides an elegant experience in their everyday lives.

The new Crestron Home product line has introduced some amazing UI interfaces, including elegant keypads and handheld remotes. The touch and feel is first rate and along with gangplates for data ports and AC, it all adds up to a clean, modern look that compliments the underlying technology.

user experience

Gone are the days of having to send a programmer over to the end-user’s house to change how their system delivers for them. Customers can simply make their own changes, whether it’s lighting controls, scenes or quick actions — it’s up to them. And with Crestron Home it becomes even easier, a simpler, smarter more intuitive interface allows complete control and a stunning experience while doing it.

final thoughts

Crestron Home really is the complete package for any smart home project: a simpler, smarter user experience on mobile devices, tablets and Crestron touch screens; remarkably fast hardware deployment for technology designers; and the confidence that comes with the renowned Crestron brand.

Available Spring 2019, Crestron Home will deliver sophisticated new UI designs, exceptional dynamic room controls, and powerful new UX features that elevate ease and convenience to an entirely new level. We think it represents the current state-of-the-art in residential automation and control.


Crestron Home