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Earthrise Part II: Tera 4

Earthrise Part II

AI SpaceFactory, winners of a NASA competition to design a living space on Mars, brings their futuristic habitat to life.

LED Technology living room

LED Technology

LED technology has revolutionized lighting and has changed the way lighting designers approach their projects.

Mptorized shades bedroom

Motorized Shades

A Florida automation specialist’s step-by-step process for integrating motorized shades into a residential unit

Truly Transparent Solar city skyline

Truly Transparent Solar

Ubiquitous Energy has developed a transparent solar cell which can be applied to any surface to generate electricity.

BRYTE Bed sleep system


Relaxing and restorative rest is essential; this new system redesigns and continuously optimizes the sleep experience.

Hamptons Beach House beach view 370x270

Hamptons Beach House

A team of first-rate design-build partners come together for the first time to create a stunning vacation home.