Technology Designer


Sharp air purification solutions - dog

Sharp Air Purification

Clients are demanding healthy indoor air quality, and these advanced purifiers fill the bill.

Living in Place - older couples

Living in Place

Helping aging parents to find the most comfortable living arrangements.

The New Lineup - living room linear lighting

The New Lineup

Linear lighting goes beyond eye-catching details to enable the most progressive vision and wellness strategies.

Outdoor dinner party

Moving Forward

How will the home environment continue to be affected during the pandemic?

Outdoor Living dinner table

Outdoor Living

More and more clients are interested in converting outdoor spaces into year-round living and entertainment venues.

Positive Change family outside

Positive Change

An injured veteran’s home receives a technological overhaul to aid in his rehabilitation.

Inclusive design - woman in wheelchair

Inclusive Design

Going beyond “accessibility” to bring the perspectives of traditionally excluded populations to the forefront of the design process.