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We’re excited to announce the introduction of the Technology Designer Magazine Performance Home Awards 2023! These awards will be presented to design work and products that enhance the lifestyle experience of the modern performance home, with an emphasis on design, functionality, innovation, and most importantly, the user interface and user experience.

From the design aspect, we will be considering a wide variety of work including infrastructure, energy management, home entertainment, intelligent lighting, window treatments, outdoor living, and home theater/media rooms. The product awards will highlight audio, video, control, user interfaces, lighting, window treatments, energy management, networks and infrastructure.

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The unique attributes of technology designs and products in the luxury performance category serve to enhance the vision of homeowners and the major influencers in the design-build aspect of major remodels and new build arena.

And when you look at some of the hottest trends in modern smart homes, including the generalized term ‘wellness’, how we integrate our products and their functionality often requires unique design and unique interfaces to perfectly fit into the overall vision of the primary design team. So we won’t be looking at just one aspect of any product or design – we will consider a wide range of applications and take a particular interest in how the consumer lives with a product or design, how they interact and incorporate technology into their busy lifestyles.

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And, of course, since our trademark is Where technology meets design™, we will weigh the beauty and elegance and sophistication of products and designs. The bottom line – we believe our performance home awards will capture a uniqueness that goes beyond sheer numbers and specs. After all, when you consider just the concept of invisible speakers, is there more than just the sound to consider? Is not the actual design of uncluttering a space a major criteria for architects and designers? How we weigh each facet of a product will be our challenge, and we’re sure our judges will have their work cut out for them.

Entries can be made via our website and will be open from May 15 through June 23rd. We will announce the winners in our run up to CEDIA Expo as we prepare for interviews, videos, feature articles and special online and social media coverage. To open our awards to as many system integrators as possible, professional photography will not be required! And we are working diligently to streamline the amount of time it takes to prepare entries so it’s easy for everyone to take part in showcasing your work and the efforts you’ve put into bringing the very best products and designs to market.

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