Get Inspired with PITT Cooking

Thanks to its timeless look PITT Cooking is suitable for every type of kitchen: from classic to country style and from contemporary to designer. The black cast iron burners enhance every kitchen.

Experience the perfect blend of function and design with this elegant Dutch cooktop. Enjoy powerful, efficient cooking where you can design your own cooktop to provide enough space for all your pots and pans. Transform your kitchen and make your vision come alive with this revolutionary cooking solution.

A wide variety of cooking burners – many sizes and functions – can be installed into countertops made of composite, granite, concrete, terrazzo, glass, ceramic, Fenix NTM, marble and stainless steel.

Your vision. Your design.

Now you have the freedom to place burners across a wider cooking platform around your kitchen than just being limited to a conventional cooktop. You can place burners at different locations based on the functionality of how and what you cook for your family. Want to integrate a large single burner for your large Le Creuset pot for spaghetti sauces, where you can leave it to work its magic while you sauté and boil at another cooking station in your kitchen? The design options are limitless.

Crafted by hand in the town of De Meern, Holland, offices, factory and showroom are all located under the same roof, enabling them to provide exceptional service and products. Their close-knit team is comprised of consummate masters of integrated cooking function and design, dedicated to delivering the highest quality systems.

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