Nimbus Engineering

Power any system from over 50 feet away using light.


This was one of the exciting new technologies and applications we saw at the 2023 Consumer Electronics show a few weeks ago in Las Vegas. The Nimbus product provides industrial strength wireless power!

Power any system using light – Nimbus is utilizing breakthrough optical technologies typically found in renewable and sustainable energy and putting them to use in a whole new way. Shine light over any distance to transmit power and efficiently capture it using their relay technology.

Light is fantastic for moving energy around. Modern light-based technologies such as LEDs or Lasers can be found all around us and make the modern world what it is today. Nimbus is using these advances to transmit energy efficiently over great distance with great power. Their novel photoluminescent materials allow us to absorb light energy with ultra-high efficiency and provide industrial scale power.

Patented Relay Technology
Relay optical cores rely on advanced semiconductor technology and photoluminescent material to volumetrically absorb light and produce power on an unprecedented scale.

This gives Nimbus the distinct advantage of providing high power at long distance. They are able to do this for any system, whether it be a robot in a warehouse, an electric vehicle in a parking lot or even the TV in your living room. Just shine a light and start charging.

Keep in mind that for demonstration purposes, Nimbus is utilizing a full light spectrum lighting source – for applications, this light would be infrared so humans would not notice the light beam. So light emitters in a ceiling of a warehouse could beam light to the Nimbus receiver unit embedded in a robot (for example) to power the robot or charge that robot’s batteries. Or, a light emitter could be in your ceiling and you could beam it to charge your phone or remote or power your TV, without any visible light you would notice.

The possibilities are endless, and we found this to be a very cool technology for use in performance homes. Stay tuned.

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