Recent REVI Installation in Waterloo, Ontario

Environmental Lights’ low voltage LED downlighting system allows integrators to “own the ceiling.”

The REVI (Remote-Voltage Illumination) from Environmental Lights is a fully configurable and easy-to-install low voltage LED downlighting system designed with integrators, for integrators. It dramatically transforms residential spaces with its architectural grade fixtures and remotely located power supplies. This recent REVI installation took place at a stunning residence in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The owner was undergoing a full home renovation and wanted a tunable white downlighting system that could be easily controlled and pre-programmed with custom lighting scenes. It was essential that the downlights be capable of matching the linear accent lighting used in the cabinet, shelf and cove areas in terms of both dimming and color temperature.

The Environmental Lights team worked with the owner and the integrators to plan out the lighting. This included creating false-color renderings, 3D renderings, and the final fixture placement map with foot candle calculations. Once everything was validated by the owner’s team, the process of transforming this residence began. From rough-in, to final fixture install and system programming, the installation went through without a hitch. Meticulous planning combined with the ongoing support provided by EI’s team of lighting specialists ensured the project was a big success.

The result is a spectacular home with human-centric lighting that can be quickly and intuitively customized. “I love the tunable white light, it is amazing how white light can change the look and feel of a room and how you feel in that room,” remarked the owner. Another feature that’s impressed him is how easy the pre-programmed scenes have made it to wind down at the end of each day: “My evening scene turns on automatically 30 minutes before sunset and adjusts on-time throughout the year to reflect the changing seasons.” To sum it all up, he added: “The REVI system has provided gorgeous lighting that is now one of my favorite features of the home.”