Wireless Power Infrastructure

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WE REPEATEDLY STRESS THE IMPORTANCE of having a technology designer sit in at the earliest possible time on large remodel and new build meetings so technology infrastructure can be discussed. Which spaces need pre-wire in case the client opts for intelligent lighting, automated window treatments, etc. Here’s another reason we need to be in the discussion as soon as possible: wireless power.

The term gets thrown around a lot, but the concept has huge economic potential and currently the only wireless charging devices are smartphone charging pads – which really aren’t wireless since they need to be plugged into an outlet! And, Non-Radiative WPT (the tech in these charging pads) only works over short distances and cannot charge devices that are in use.

But the concept is what’s driving the market and the potential is unlimited. So imagine a true wireless power source, like Cota™ from Ossia. We discussed this briefly after we met with them at CES 2022 and I wanted to give you an update as they have made huge strides this year.

Cota Real Wireless Power is the first giant leap in wireless power technology. It is a stream of continuous power that can safely travel over any distance. Cota works similarly to Wi-Fi, except instead of sending data, it sends power. A device embedded with the Cota Power Receiver initiates a “conversation” by sending a beacon signal to find a Cota Power Transmitter. The transmitter sends power back in the same path. All of your Cota-enabled devices receive power simultaneously even while in motion.

Tomorrow’s performance smart homes will have the capacity for true wireless power, but how it is designed, deployed and managed needs to be discussed early in the design stage. Which spaces will you want wireless power? How many devices, including smart light bulbs, remotes, wireless headphones, soundbars, vacumm cleaners and automated shades will you need powered?

It is these types of innovations that homeowners need to be aware of in order to make informed decisions. True wireless power is just one of these technologies, so connect (ahem!) with your local technology designer and bring them into the conversation at the outset of large projects.

How Cota works:

Cota® by Ossia – Imagine Real Wireless Power from Ossia Inc. on Vimeo.