Meridian Impresses Manufacturing Reps With “Hair-Raising Audio Experience”

The new DSP8000 XE loudspeaker was the star of a recent event for Meridian’s U.S. reps.

MERIDIAN RECENTLY WELCOMED A GROUP OF ITS U.S. MANUFACTURING REPS to its HQ in Cambridgeshire to experience the truly exceptional sound quality of the brand new DSP8000 XE loudspeaker. The action-packed two-day event provided the visitors with a full understanding of the first complete product to emerge from the brand’s Extreme Engineering Programme, as well as a tour of its facilities and other product and networking opportunities with the team.

Kickstarting the event with a brand presentation, the group had the opportunity to delve into why the company continues to challenge convention, push boundaries and launch products that have created new possibilities in sound. This information followed through into the factory tour, with the reps receiving first-hand experience of how Meridian award-winning speakers are engineered.

The visitors were then split into two groups for presentations on how to set up an in-room DSP speaker, 200 Series set-up training, and architectural speaker demos.

Dan Hench from LKA commented, “I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the facility and the expertise available in the building, as well as seeing the branding/image of Meridian in the automotive space.”

The focus for day two was the DSP8000 XE loudspeakers and began with a presentation on the product and demonstration in the reception area. Again, the visitors were then split into two groups and throughout the rest of the day got to enjoy various demos in different environments, including the engineering listening room and large cinema. The day concluded with a presentation on various system design examples and information on the Meridian Design and Specification Service.

Adam Owens from CET commented, “I have never had such an emotional and hair-raising audio experience as I had listening to the new DSP8000 XEs. The future for Meridian and our customers is incredibly exciting.”

Brett Stenner from CI Partners commented, “I was blown away by the performance of the 8000XE, no matter what source material was played. It was like a time machine – taking us back to the music we loved when we were young.”

More info at Meridian Audio.

pwered by Draper