WALL-SMART Introduces Flush Mount for Lutron Pico Keypad

The popular pint-size Pico keypad becomes a seamless part of any wall surface with this innovative wall mount.

WALL-SMART, the leading manufacturer of innovative mounting hardware, recently introduced a custom-designed and engineered solution for Lutron’s popular Pico keypad. Intended for installation during home construction, the design-friendly mount can be recessed into any wall material, including drywall and solid surfaces like concrete, wood, metal and marble. Once the mount has been installed into the wall, the Lutron Pico keypad inserts easily into it, where it sits perfectly flush with the surface. Without constraints on where the mount can be installed or concerns over its impact on design, the Pico keypad can be placed in areas where it is most convenient to use.

Further camouflaging the keypad, the trim of the WALL-SMART mount can be painted to match the color and texture of the wall surface. Constructed of moisture-resistant MDF and engineered for easy insertion and removal of the keypad, the mount ensures optimal performance and control of lights, automated window treatments, and audio systems. WALL-SMART’s flush mount for Lutron’s Pico keypad rounds out its portfolio of other Lutron wall mounts, including versions for Palladiom, Alisse and seeTouch keypads.

“Our new wall mount customized for Lutron’s popular Pico keypad offers designers, architects and home tech integrators yet another option for integrating Lutron control products seamlessly into home environments. Combined with the small size of the Pico, our mounts make the keypad virtually disappear into the wall surface,” says WALL-SMART Co-CEO and Founder Galia Ben-Dor. “Like all of our concealment solutions, the Pico mount delivers the clean, minimalist appearance that so many homeowners want today.”

To learn more about WALL-SMART’s complete portfolio of innovative mounting hardware visit wall-smart.com.



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July 2022 News