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A Technology Designer Can Complete the Picture

Help your clients tune their homes to the perfect sound, the perfect temperature, and the perfect light.


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REGARDLESS OF THE EFFECTS OF THE PANDEMIC – whether people want to work remotely or go back to the office – there are a lot of moving parts in today’s workplace environments. Many employers are incorporating deliberate design elements in the office — task lighting, huddle spaces, open floorplans, cafes and gyms are just some of the components. These individual elements in aggregate are meant to enhance collaboration, dialogue, happiness, performance at work, and alleviate the sense of a “grind” or “cog in the wheel” mentality.

Today, the focus is on crafting a well-designed life — and not just in terms of work and careers. Our customers want a life designed around purposeful achievement and satisfaction — and their physical environment is a significant, contributing factor to whether or not they attain their goal. Employers have recognized the effect a well-designed workplace has on their employees, and the same technology powering workplace satisfaction is expected in today’s homes.

As architects, designers and builders, we can’t rely solely on molding, paint and furnishings to fulfill the promise of a well-designed life. A technology designer can complete the picture of a multidimensional space with layers of light, controlled climate, and acoustically perfect sound all focused on the client experience.

The right lighting and lighting fixtures have the power to awaken and stimulate the senses — whether it’s focusing on a piece of art or providing energy for tasks. That same lighting can be tuned to mimic moonlight in the evenings to enhance relaxation. Music in our surroundings is evocative and is also essential to a well-designed home. At a minimum, the right music can elevate, calm or excite. Utilizing a technology designer can help your clients tune their homes to the perfect sound, the perfect temperature, with the perfect light.

In the past, many technology manufacturers have admittedly ignored the design aesthetic. But with a focus on life design, more than a few are now offering discreet, harmonious and unobtrusive products for executing the well-lived life. These companies are showcasing their product designs and presentations in standalone experience centers and design studios across the U.S., in addition to integrator showrooms and model homes. CEDIA, the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association, brings it all under one roof at their annual tradeshow. See technology in action, take educational classes, and speak directly with product designers and engineers about current and future technologies. And you don’t have to be the technology expert!

Consider attending CEDIA Expo this September and learn about partnering with a local technology designer who can enhance your offerings and transform your spaces. From the workplace to the home, technology discreetly deployed can make all the difference in realizing purposeful satisfaction.


final thoughts

Ashley Parkinson is the Western Regional Sales Manager for Legrand, working with the design-build community and technology design firms to bring aesthetic beauty and practical functionality to modern performance homes.