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Black Nova Keypads Now Compatible With Savant

NEWS - JUNE 2022

Black Nova Keypads Now Compatible With Savant

Continuing the elevation of the Smart Keypad to a pure design object not tied to any technology or control platform.

Savant Ascend Keypads

BLACK NOVA ANNOUNCES THE LAUNCH OF THE INTEGRATION PROCESS for its Design Keypad Collections with Savant, which is added to a growing range of control systems offering a sleek and stylish interface to control lighting, climate, shades and more. This new integration reinforces the brand and tech agnosticity of Black Nova, whose goal is elevating the Smart Design Keypad to a pure design object not tied to any technology or control platform.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Savant, a leading control company delivering a fantastic customer experience, that perfectly tunes with our design-centric philosophy. We deeply love our design keypads, a perfect blend of exquisite Italian design, premium materials, and innovative technology. We believe our Design Collections will provide the Savant ecosystem with a perfect match to any interior and taste, while delivering a unique and flawless user experience” Olav Beruto, CEO of Black Nova, said.

“As this exciting new partnership demonstrates, we’re fully committed to broadening the design and premium control options available to our dealers and their clients,” said George Katsiris, VP Product Evangelist at Savant Systems “Black Nova Smart Keypad Collections offer exquisite Italian design, premium materials and innovative features to take control of the Savant smart home to ever-higher levels of personalization, performance and refinement” he added.

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Black Nova Design Keypads and Touch Panels are available in three distinctive collections:

- The ARIA® Collection is a tribute to minimalist aesthetics of the 20th century. Its natural elegance elicits straight lines, simple shapes, vivid colors and perfect glass surfaces are a stylish match for any interior. Its bespoke look and precise performance create an experience of pure comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

The ARIA® collection is available in different control configurations up to 12 control buttons and a Thermostat control panel with built-in temperature and humidity sensor.

- The ALBA® Collection is the epitome of elegance and functionality. Its bespoke look and precise performance, create an experience of pure comfort and aesthetic pleasure nicely matching a variety of interiors, from eclectic urban loft to a mid-century living room, from minimalist conference room to classical yacht suites.

Large, easy-to-use buttons with engraved icons and texts are flush into the design frame creating a perfectly smooth surface. A subtle click confirms user touch.

The ALBA® Collection is available in 2-, 4- and 8-button layouts and two stunning finishes - metal and glass.

- The AXES® Collection features fast-response touch points with custom-engraved icons and text. It delivers an intuitive and effortless user experience. With its ultra-clean and sleek surface, it is the perfect match for any interior.

AXES Collection is available in different control configurations up to 12 touch points, RFID Card Reader, Card Holder, and bedside panels. The single, double and triple panels can be combined with the temperature control, media control, and sockets, offering the most extensive and customizable range of products for Hospitality projects.


All the Black Nova’s Collections offer broad and comprehensive features, including independent dimmable RGB backlight, temperature and humidity sensor, and support multi-gang frame composition, with keypads, temperature control and sockets, providing the final user unmatched customization opportunities.

The Multipurpose display has a full OLED technology and can act as temperature control, media player and generally show any information shared by the host controller like guest name, conference room name, and other custom features.

The Black Nova Smart Design Keypads Collections connect with a wide range of third-party systems, and are becoming the modern and stylish interface to control lighting, climate, shades, etc.

The Black Nova smart gateway, NOVA Hub, supports most of the 3rd-party devices and popular communication protocols (IP, KNX, ZigBee, Dali, etc).

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