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Arcam Announces New Home Cinema Solutions for 2022

NEWS - MAY 2022

Arcam Announces New Home Cinema Solutions for 2022

Three new AV receivers and a high-performance processor are due to arrive by the end of June.


THE BRITISH COMPANY ARCAM helped kickstart the modern Hi-Fi revolution back in 1976 and is now a world-leader in digital and analogue audio/video. Their new AV receivers are the AVR11, AVR21 and AVR31, joined by the AV41 processor in what Arcam describes as its “most comprehensively equipped AV machines to date, enabling users to fully experience the latest audio-visual technologies whilst reveling in the thrilling musicality for which Arcam designs are renowned.”

Speaking on the announcement, Jim Garrett, senior director of product planning and strategy for Arcam’s parent company, HARMAN Luxury Audio, said, “The audio and video performance of the new AVR range is simply spectacular. Combine that thrilling performance with a best-in-class feature set, including fully uncompressed 8K HDMI video compatibility and the latest immersive audio decoding, and you have a real value that is unmatched in the market.”


The AVR11 and AVR21 each power seven channels with a Class AB power amplification (at 85W and 110W respectively). The AVR11 features native 12-channel decoding, with the AVR21 upping that count to 16 and adding a third HDMI output to the mix for an optional Zone 2 set-up. Upping things another notch, the AVR31 boasts Class G amplification across its seven channels to make it a potent yet efficient flagship AVR that uses additional power only when needed.

Rounding out the collection, the AV41 preamp/processor builds upon last year’s AV40 model, and backs up everything that its new AVR siblings can deliver, with XLR balanced outputs for all of its 16 channels. Geared for music and movie lovers alike, Arcam says it makes for a perfect pairing with its power amplifiers, the PA720, PA240 and PA410.

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