Sonus faber Omnia

Sonus faber Omnia


Sonus faber Omnia

An elegant all-in-one high end wireless speaker to enhance your home audio experience.

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THE HIGH-END AUDIO MANUFACTURER SONUS FABER is thrilled to announce the premiere of Omnia, their new premium wireless speaker. Combining Sonus faber’s Italian heritage and design expertise, the Omnia wireless system enhances the listening experience with a suite of features that allow users to easily connect a variety of media. This innovative new product seamlessly integrates Sonus faber’s natural sound into any modern space or lifestyle.


This system is equipped with two new trademarked technologies from Sonus faber, the touch sensitive SENSOTM interface permits users to directly control Omnia and easily connect to any digital or analog source, including their television, turntable or mobile device. The illuminated lines on the top SENSO panel further indicate the speakers’ mode, input and volume. The intuitive interface allows users to enjoy their favorite music via Omnia’s ability to support the latest streaming technology and trusted turntable ready (MM) technology, further offering seamless playback from mobile devices with integrated Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast built in. An HDMI ARC input is also included to enhance television sound with one direct connection. The new CRESCENDOTM technology is an advanced signal processing system resulting in a greater sense of dimensionality and immersivity, cleverly utilizing the two full range side speakers.

“For me, Omnia was a complete journey exploring Sonus faber’s vast history, but made at two-times the speed,” said Sonus faber’s Chief Design Officer, Livio Cucuzza. “With every project, my job is to tell the brand’s story – and with Omnia, the mission was the same, the process was just faster and went more in depth. In its new, more accessible category, Omnia will offer a taste of Sonus faber’s 40-year history to thousands of new customers, ambitious of course, but also gratifying.”


The Omnia system boasts a mesmerizing three-dimensional sound to immerse listeners in a unique, natural acoustic experience. The result is a crisp wavefront and wide soundstage that mimics that of a live performance, as with the tradition of Sonus faber’s iconic, award-winning portfolio. Omnia’s 490-watt closed box system hosts seven drivers:

• Two 0.75-inch silk dome tweeters with Neodymium slug structure magnet motor system
• Two 3-inch paper pulp cone midrange drivers
• One 6.5-inch long-throw woofer with aluminum cone down firing
• Two 1.75-inch full-range drivers with a non-pressed cellulose pulp inverted dome activated with CRESCENDOTM

Beyond the acoustic offerings, the stunning Italian design and authentic wood surface will enhance any home design. Omnia will be available through Authorized Sonus faber dealers in the Walnut finish beginning March 2022 with Graphite available Summer 2022.

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