Marantz MODEL 40n

Introducing the New Marantz MODEL 40n Streaming Amplifier


Introducing the New Marantz MODEL 40n Streaming Amplifier

Reimagining the integrated amp for the digital age while preserving a luxurious analog feel and sound.

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CREATED WITH EXTRAORDINARY ATTENTION TO DETAIL, every element of the new Marantz MODEL 40n Streaming Integrated Amplifier brings you closer to the music you love. A full complement of analog and digital inputs plus built-in streaming and HDMI make listening enjoyable and easy, regardless of the source. With HEOS built in you can stream from Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and more, or enjoy your own music file libraries. Works with Alexa, Google and Siri. And a built-in phono section allows for easy connection of a turntable.


Your stereo doesn’t need to look like lab equipment. MODEL 40n follows a long line of historic Marantz pieces notable for their exquisite design. Every aspect is considered — from premium materials, symmetry, classic porthole display, and even smooth operation of the volume control. Marantz MODEL 40n begs to be heard, seen and touched.

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