IBS/KBIS Highlights

news - February 2022

IBS/KBIS Highlights | Part One

Cool new products from the International Builders Show and Kitchen and Bath International Show.

By Douglas Weinstein

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THE INTERNATIONAL BUILDERS SHOW, in tandem with the Kitchen and Bath International Show, were held February 8-10 in Orlando, Florida. From our perspective, the show was well attended and ran extremely smoothly. Every vendor we spoke with said traffic was great and the level of quality as good as it gets.

We have two articles in this month’s newsletter regarding trends and new products that we saw. This article focuses on some of the cool, some of the innovative and some of the gorgeous products that caught our eye.


Zip Water
It has been a few years since we first reported on Zip – they make the HydroTap system that instantly dispenses filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water all from a single tap.

Two new features for us were the filtration system, which is pretty mandatory for performance home strategies, and also the new HydroTap Touch-Free Wave which provides a 100 percent touch-free solution at the wave of a hand.

And keep in mind that being able to instantly access hot water without having to heat up water on your stovetop will conserve energy. So there is a sustainability message in addition to a convenience story for this unique and contemporary product. Check it out here.




Talk about sexy and you’re talking Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens. They are recognized as a leader in expertly engineered stainless steel outdoor kitchens. As design-build professionals all know, outdoor kitchens expand a home’s living space and help to bring family and friends together for cooking and entertaining.

Danver were showing the new Cosmopolitan Table Collection, the brand’s latest collaboration with celebrated architect, designer and creative director Daniel Germani. The portfolio includes three new product offerings: the Cosmopolitan Prep Table, Cosmopolitan Dining Table and Cosmopolitan Cooking Table. In keeping with the brand’s commitment to design innovation, this new collection provides versatile solutions for outdoor spaces of any footprint and was created to blend seamlessly with any of Danver’s product offerings so that homeowners can build their space over time. The Cosmopolitan Collection is available for purchase in the full range of durable, low maintenance powder coat solid finishes available within Danver’s current color palette.

Of note – the Cooking Table offers innovative Invisacook induction technology! This versatile solution introduces cooking capabilities for spaces that may not have room for a grill or can act as a serving table with built-in warming capacity for a larger footprint kitchen. Key features include the option for two or four burners, two soft-close storage drawers and an under-table, pass-through storage shelf. Very cool!

JBL Conceal C86

The SPAN Panel is a smart electrical panel designed to modernize your home energy system by completely replacing your existing electrical panel, whether new-build or retrofit. 

With SPAN you can control and monitor every circuit in your home from your phone, understand how your home is sourcing, storing and using energy in real time, and modernize your home without worrying about your existing electrical system.

The SPAN Drive is a Level 2 EV home charging station that pairs with your SPAN Panel. Through the SPAN Home App, Drive allows you to charge faster, cleaner and smarter than any other EV charger on the market.

SPAN Drive is designed for real-time coordination with all home loads, solar and home batteries, for  max charging speeds and optimized energy usage without costly home electrical upgrades.


Mitsubishi Electric
Ducted and ductless mini-split air conditioning heat pump systems, like Mitsubishi Electric’s Zoned Comfort Solutions®, are a preferred option for performance builders and homeowners alike. With an INVERTER-driven compressor, the system only uses the precise amount of energy required to maintain the set point temperature. Additionally, zoned configuration allows homeowners to match energy usage with their lifestyle by easily setting back a room or zone not in use. This method produces greater efficiency and more reliable comfort than traditional, centralized HVAC systems, which only run at full power and waste energy by cycling from off to on as rooms become uncomfortable. 

Split-ductless systems are also commonly specified in high-performance applications as they promote wellness. Models such as the ductless  wall-mounted indoor units come equipped with their own filters, ensuring homeowners have individualized filtration for each zone. Having more filters in the zones they serve contributes to better bulky particle and odor removal versus one filter trying to serve the entire house. Even with ducted systems, such as one of the  multi-position air handlers, minimal ductwork is required for each zone. Less ductwork equals less air leakage and fewer opportunities for particulates and allergens to accumulate over time.


Irinox was established in 1989 in Corbanese, Italy and is internationally renowned for specializing in blast chillers and shock freezers. At the show they were debuting built-in and table-top chillers that will be entering the U.S. market this year.

In our kitchen and bath article we’ll touch on some of the latest innovations in refrigeration and how manufacturers are trying to extend the usability and life of fresh vegetables and other food products. As any cook can tell you, keeping your veggies chilled properly is one of the keys.

Irinox is able to take your vegetables and other foods that you buy (and are room temperature when you get home from the store) and instantly chill them so they remain fresh longer. Additionally, with the new product line you can blast chill, shock freeze, proof, thaw, regenerate, pasteurize and cook at low temperature. Look for more coverage from TD as Irinox enters our market.

Founded in 1995, HydroShield has established itself as an industry leader in surface protection and restoration, introducing the latest hydrophobic technologies that protect glass, granite, quartz, tile, porcelain, stone and grout surfaces.

This innovative surface protection takes high-maintenance surfaces in a home and transforms them from good to amazing – easy to clean, stain-resistant and guaranteed to stay looking new.

Sol-Ark makes an incredibly powerful and efficient all-in-one battery system so you can stay connected and always have electricity. They are considered to have the most advanced system on the market.

The new Sol-Ark 12K all-in-one solar generator system, with a color-touch display, can be used off-grid or on-grid. This revolutionary solar hybrid inverter is stackable up to 72 kW, and at 20kW peak power, it becomes truly limitless.